To Become Successful Follow The Path Of Others Before You

someone who is manifesting their successSuccess means different things to different people. Some consider themselves successful if they’re able to put food on the table for their family another day. So do you consider yourself successful, have you achieved all that you’ve ever wanted in your life.

The answer may be easy for some, as many will gauge it on how much money they’ve made or have saved. But its definition goes far beyond that. Although money may be a strong manifestation of success, it may not be the key point for many.

Success should be considered as less of an ends in itself, it should be more of a way of life, a life that you want to live. Would a person be considered truly successful if they’ve mastered their life, their circumstances, and has control over their destiny.

The main characteristic which is projected point towards that proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If it’s money, fame, and ultimate acknowledgement that you seek, then you should be able to reach and get it. You shouldn’t be denied.

Does Success Equal Money And Fame
So how do you go about and get all of this money and riches. Does it depend on what you’re currently doing, or what or who you know. Is it because of your geographic location, as all these factors must play a role.

Some claim that if you’re wanting success, a good way to begin is by just seeking out someone who you feel has achieved the type of success that you want, and then asking or discovering how they did it.

Once you do so and learn off them, read their book, then you can act, emulate on your own desires since you’re now armed with a wealth of knowledge, giving you empowerment to think that you’re already successful yourself. And you can do so before the actual manifestation of the wealth or fame that you seek takes place.

What you need to develop is the proper mindset and the ability to channel all of that. The advantage, especially if you have no idea where to begin, is that you can begin developing this focus by copying from others who has made it.

Following The Road Map
If you’re ever in a strange city, a foreign land, and you’re stuck at the train station wanting to reach a certain destination, what are the steps that you take to get there.

The most logical way would be to look at the road map which may be in a different language, which should eventually get you to the destination if you’re able to understand it.

But the quickest method would be to just ask someone, a native, someone who knows. That person, an expert of that area should able to give you the exact directions.

If you’re still unsure, then you might ask someone else while re-consulting with the map. Using this approach, getting several different viewpoints, you should then be able to get to that destination.

It’s the information and the research that you’ve conducted and gathered which gives you that state of confidence allowing you to make the proper decision to get where you want to go.

Following The Success Road Map
This can be considered the same with success, your success. Those who have reached a certain pinnacle in their lives will have developed certain habits by carrying out certain actions.

They’ve all found their own way which gets them to that point. They know the exact route on how to get there. Some may also have multiple or various ways, but they’ve undeniably got it done, they hold their own road map.

There are some success seekers who may sneer at this since it’s easy to just assume that the person is already successful, that they’ve already got something to tell us anyways. But they may of easily failed in their journey, and then as a result we wouldn’t know of them at all.

It’s certain that when they were creating their own path, that they failed, most likely numerous times. This based on a study which traced 10 different millionaires before they were 35 years old.


It was found that the average number of startups, the number of businesses that each of these entrepreneurs attempted to succeed in, was 21 times before they finally hit the jackpot and found success.

So imagine they going through 20 different failures which took up enormous time, money, and energy, and then you knowing and learning off them just on their latest success, their 21st try.

This gives you the luxury of avoiding all of the failures of their first 20 attempts. Wouldn’t that just set you on the fast track to your own success.

Just Do What They Do
So the most important point when it comes to success is what you’re willing to do about it. Do you have the energy, focus, determination, and the willpower to ultimately get what you want.

There’s also the knowledge that you need to acquire. The exact knowledge which gives you the proper direction to feed all of these forces. Once the direction is known, then take action. What taking action defines is the movement towards your ultimate goal.

Learn From The Leaders… Then Be The Leader
The biggest extraction from all of this is to just learn from those who have done it before, those who have gone before you. There are a huge number of them who are willing to help, offering you their methods and approaches which may be vastly different.

There’s also no point doing exactly what they’ve done, since you should be applying their knowledge and then tailoring it to your own situation and personality.

Once you decide to act on this knowledge, then you’ll begin to think like them, applying your own concept of how a successful person should be. Once this happens, then it’s only a matter of time before whatever you want will manifest in your life.

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