Tips On Looking Younger The Secret To Eternal Youth Revealed

someone with soft clear skinOnce we reach a certain age in our lives, we’ll go on a quest to look younger, to fight the aging process, to defy gravity in our sagging skin. The problem being that our bodies, before our very eyes, fails to regenerate new cells fast enough.

The absolute speed which this process takes place when we are younger, as children and teens, begins to significantly slow down once we reach a certain state of health and age.

So because of this, on a daily basis, we’re bombarded with messages of beauty tips which attempts to lure us into believing that their solution is the latest, greatest miracle cure, and all that’s needed to fight off Mother Nature, and regain our glory years.

Generally, even though the population as a whole is living longer, that also can act as a curse, this depending on your perspective and how your skin is holding up.

The best and most affordable way to improving natural beauty and health is restoring what we already have. Sounds easy enough, but the truth being that our skin will take an absolute beating from the environment, and by how we treat it on a daily basis.

So listed are some tips for maintaining your skin as vitally fresh and healthy as possible.

Just Stay As Hydrated As Possible
Which means plenty of water inside our bodies for it to not dry out, prune like. This doesn’t refer to caffeine, soda, alcohol, or other types of liquid, even if it’s low calorie.

What soda contains are high concentrations of sodium, and what sodium does is it retains fluids in the body. Instead, what you want is fluids which will hydrate and then flush out the bad toxins. The cure is clean clear crisp water which is able to do that, so drink up.

Protecting Your Skin From (UV) Ultra Violet Rays
We’re all in love with the sun and yes, moderate amounts are needed for vitamin D production. But most adore being bathed in it too much, as we crave that glowing tan. But there is a tipping point where you can get too much.

Ultra Violet rays can cause your skin to age faster than it’s intended to, contributing to the California Raisins wrinkly look. So if you’re wanting to go out and play in the sun, make sure that you use adequate sun screen designed for your skin type.

Keep Your Skin As Clean As Possible
Begin by using a soft warm cloth and gently wipe as lightly as possible, this since the skin usually doesn’t need to be scrubbed, which can usually do more harm than good.

Avoiding All Those Wrinkles
The best known cure for no or less wrinkles is avoiding them in the first place, which for some may unfortunately be too late. If you’re like most, you probably didn’t pamper and take care your skin when it was still supple, so the wrinkling process will catch up to you sooner than later.

Eating As Healthy As Possible
Know exactly how, when, and what you put in your body, as doing so will make the biggest difference in how you look and feel. Poor eating habits causes obesity, illnesses such as depression, and overall lethargy.

What weight gain does is it forces your skin to stretch out, and as you grow older, that stretch will lose its elasticity, leaving you with flabby sagging skin. So the best solution is to maintaining proper weight throughout your life.

The easiest formula for correcting poor eating habits and staying thin is to just consume less calories than you burn. Also make sure that you get at least 30 minutes of physical exercise on a daily basis. This can be a walk, aerobics, yoga, jogging, weight training… etc.

Just Be Happier By Relaxing More
Having a happier outlook as opposed to a poor one won’t usually change the situation or crisis that you’re facing. So just be happy about it as what doing so does is it triggers the release of endorphins.

What endorphins does is it relaxes the cardiovascular system as well as the cytokines, which then alerts the immune system to pay more attention in detecting abnormalities such as illness in the body.


So know how you feel, as it can stem from your childhood if you’ve been constantly feeding your mind negative subliminal messages which will eventually add up, turning you miserable and pessimistic.

So just choose to increase your joy meter, decide to have a happier, healthier outlook on life by injecting hope and optimism, which will improve how you look regardless of what your age is.

Be More Active As You Age
This includes the importance of physical intimacy as you grow older. There are an alarming number of couples who give up on any type of physical contact after they’re 60 years old. This however shouldn’t be the case.

Physical intimacy as one ages has actually been reported to get better and more satisfying than when younger. Maturity gives everyone more experience, while the stress of working and raising children can take a toll. Once your older, these feelings of pressure are gone.

Who Said That Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
This may be considered a bit of a paradox since we all realize that true beauty actually begins from the inside out. Most will wish that there was a way to just wiggle their nose, and then we’ll somehow just magically regain that once soft skin which we had as a youngster.

This is the reason why everyone is constantly promoting a brand new recently discovered “fountain of youth” cure, but the reality is that we’re stuck with what we have. Just keep in mind that growing older doesn’t necessarily mean getting older.

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