Tips For Baby And Child Safety at Home

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Did you know that unfortunately the majority of unneeded accidents happen at home? And the main victims of these injuries are young children. Child and baby safety in the home is becoming a major concern, especially if you are a new parent. We usually tend to feel it’s safe in our own homes, and we can easily forget the dangers that lurk in common objects we see and use everyday. So here are some of the most important tips you can take to ensure that you and your kids are safe.

Child Safety Tips
– Make sure you store all medicines, either safe or not, out of the reach of young curious hands and keep them locked away. Most children safety advocates say that even those supposedly “safe” medicines such as headache medicines (acetaminophen), can be and are deadly if given the wrong doses. And since most kids medicine often have child friendly flavors such as mint or cherry, kids are more likely to take or drink large amounts.

– Also hide all vitamins and minerals out of the way as well. To protect your child, you should be making sure that all vitamins and natural health products are safely stored away out of reach of children. A small bottle of iron supplements can easily kill a small child with an overdose.

– Block off easily accessible water sources. We automatically think of large water sources such as a swimming pools or hot tubs, but your kitchen and bathroom sink, bathtubs and toilets can be just as dangerous! Kids can unfortunately drown in just 2 or 3 inches of water if left unattended. All that’s needed is enough water to get their head immersed, so immediately any drain standing water in tubs and sinks or lock the door. There are special latches that are available for toilets, they are designed to keep the seat down.

-Turn your water and other heaters down. Hot water burns and scalds account for up to 30% of child burns, and most of these come directly from the hot water tap in your bathroom. So by turning the temperature of your hot water heater down, as well as turning on the cold water before adding hot water, this can increase child safety when using water, and ensure that your kids won’t be burned.

– When cooking, turn your pot handles in. To avoid your kids being burned, make sure all pot handles do not hang out over the edge when they are on the stove. Your little one’s can easily grab or accidentally hit them, spilling the contents. This is easily avoided by just turning the handles inwards.

– Blocking the stairs. While it’s pretty obvious that stairs is a danger area, some parents will still not take the necessary safety precautions to prevent a serious fall. Although putting up an easy portable baby gate may seem like an inconvenience, it’s far safer than having your toddler accidentally fall.

-Lock all outside doors. There was a recent case lately when a mother decided to take a short nap and her 3 year old son left the house and ran out onto an eight lane highway. This would of not happened if an extra deadbolt on the door was installed, high enough so her son can not reach it. Make sure that your kids stay safely indoors, unless you accompany them outside.

These child safety concerns can be all easily addressed in most cases. So be safe to ensure that your home is a safe for your kids at all times.

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