Things That Money Can’t Buy In A World That’s Obsessed With It

steps to being happyMoney makes the world go around, there’s a song about it. The number one thing on almost everyone’s wish list is more money. That money will solve all and every issue and malady that they have. Realize that money is just a man made accounting system to keep score.

The core lesson for our existence, is learning that there’s a lot more important things than money. That it only serves as a lubricant, that money can’t buy everything. We’ve been held captive and conditioned however, to believe money is our biggest pursuit.

The reality is that we exist in a capitalistic world, that the most valuable, the most desirable things which exists in life comes with a hefty price tag.

As big business flashes it’s shark teeth ready to pounce, it becomes easy to believe we only live for the glory of this evil money.

But money is not the savior as it can’t buy everything. The nature of our lives were designed so that the most important thing, is what even the most wealthiest person in the world can’t buy, and what they sorely lack.

Never Enough Time
Time is often referred to as the most valuable free currency in the world, as well as being the only currency which has intrinsic value. It’s the one thing you’re not able to spend, or make. Time itself can’t be forged or stolen, only manipulated.

Regardless of how much money that you have, the time that you’ve wasted, you won’t get back, the proof being how old and haggard some of the wealthy look. So be aware of this the next time you waste time.

You just have one life, one chance and it’s not a practice session so you need to make it count, make what you’re doing mean something. The biggest battle that the richest people face is they running out of time, where their dollars can’t buy back.

Can’t Buy Me Love
You can pay for all the sex you want. You can go purchase some intimacy. You can buy the significant other the best experience of their life. But you can’t make them fall in love with you. You can’t buy true love, it’s not for sale.

If anything, what money does is makes finding love a lot more difficult. It will bring people out of the woodwork, those who have no interest in you, but are in love with your money. Then they will suck you dry until you’re broke in spirit.

What money does is brings out the rift raft in people, an ugly element of the most despicable kind. They seduce you only to convince you that they love you, only so they could get access to your bank account. Money if anything, is the biggest deterrent to love.

Look At Those Sad Eyes
We know that money can buy you a big yacht, and that no one’s ever been unhappy sailing around the world. But unless you’re planning to live on it year round, it won’t buy you happiness.

Regardless of how rich you are, the best two days of owing a boat is the day that you buy it, and the day that you sell it.

The biggest fear that the rich faces is loss, losing their fortune by being swindled or by making poor financial decisions, which fouls their mood, making them perpetually unhappy.

Once you learn to be happy without having a single dollar to your name, will you ever learn to be happy with yourself under any circumstance imaginable. Money won’t buy you happiness, unless you learn how to treat it properly.

Courage Isn’t For Sale
Contrary to what most believe, we’re not born with courage. That we’re not born with more or less courage than the next person. What we’re all capable of being is more courageous if we want to be, this by taking calculated risks to maximize reward.

What having courage doesn’t mean is always needing to face dangerous situations. What it can mean is to face yourself along with facing all of your illogical fears.


What we all have is a default switch, which is the fear of failure, along with the fear of not being liked or shunned.

What we all have is our own personal fears, which when they’re all summed up together, can make living our lives to our potential more difficult. Courage isn’t something that you can buy, it’s something that you need to realize you already have.

Can’t Buy Intellect
What money can buy you is the best education, the best tutors, the best chance of you becoming a highly informed person.

What it can’t buy you however is the will of hard work, which is needed to increase your intellectual capacity. It can’t buy you common sense.

The reason why some remain ignorant isn’t because they didn’t have access to the best education, but rather because they felt it wasn’t important to learn, or they thought they weren’t smart enough to learn.

What we now live in is an age of massive information, where anyone anywhere can now learn whatever it is they want to learn, provided they’re open to it.

Need A Purpose
Making significant amounts of money is becoming a lot more difficult than it once was. What you now need is to first find a purpose.

Without having a purpose in life, we become lost and confused. Then what we make are poor decisions, ending up living a life that we hate.

Having a purpose in life is one of the most important things that a person can have, which can’t be bought or sold, but rather something that you find within yourself to live another day.

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