The Will To Succeed By Dealing With Sudden Life Changes

know who you areWhat we’re living in is a radically different reality right now than just a few years ago, even last month. The life that we projected with all its hopes, the dreams and the relationships we had are now filed away in the archives of what happened, or could of been.

What preserving them does is it deters our progress going forward. We quickly shift into a completely different station of life, mulling over the “what could of been,” with endless analysis, mourning and regretting, which brings little comfort or solution to our soul.

The more that we attempt to recreate the past, the more that we find ourselves getting drawn into the traps of ego much like quicksand. Our energy levels then begins to plummet into an entanglement of confusion and struggle.

So instead, embrace what’s appearing in your life at this moment right now. Look for new signals to re-frame things, find new tools or methods to do them.

Look Inward For Outward Success
Look inward, drink deep from the spring of life and mind. Allow all of the timeless wisdom along with the healing energy of sacred teachings to wash over, renewing your soul.

Develop a dialogue with yourself, the divine spirit, and then ask for guidance and clarity. Stay current in the moment while allowing the answers to flow to you, this through circumstance.

When action is required, indicated, then do it. Once chance opens up to you, continue to move forward. When the doors close, don’t attempt to go back or try to break them down.

At times, what we’re required to do is spend time living in the in-between, learning to let go while needing to take control, the need to understand logically. In times like these, what we need to ask ourselves is what we really want.

The reasons why, this even as we surrender the need to know how things will turn out. What we need to do is simply be current, remain patient, and be as still as possible.

To Manage Change
You could ask for an explanation, this to help you understand the why along with the how of the senseless tragedies that life presents. Invariably, the answer is always one cryptic word “trust.”

Never before, the need to trust has been more important for our well-being than right now. Outside of ourselves, the entire world is going through a cycle of change.

As we’re experiencing it at the microscopic level, willfulness along with the ego needs to be eliminated on a global scale, this to make space for a new order of humility and trust.

You are an extremely powerful being. What you’re lacking is remembrance. There’s nothing wrong with you that remembrance won’t heal. Much like a survivor who’s buried the agony of trauma, this beneath a layer of amnesia.

Do so until you’re ready to process it, to chose not to remember everything at once. Once we proceed along the path that you’re shown, then more is revealed to you.

Through the integration along with the healing of each memory which surfaces, then reclaim the power and wholeness. During this period of transition, there are a few guidelines to keep you on track.

Remain Detached
Whenever we become emotionally attached to an outcome or cause, we then become vulnerable to the trappings of the ego. Always acknowledge your feelings while surrendering them to the Universe, this to remain aligned with your life source.

Setting Clearly Defined Boundaries
What social pressure attempts is it tries to make us comply to the expectations of others. What defining your boundaries does is it protects your power.


You’re not obligated to accommodate or please anyone, so instead, what your first commitment needs to be, is honor your inner guidance. What your truth is in the situation.

Are you compromising yourself just to be accepted, liked, to be nice. Just because it happens to be a good cause, that doesn’t mean you have to do it. You can’t find happiness by living your life to please the expectations of others.

Define how far that you’re willing to go and then say no beyond that. “No, I can’t have you as a guest in my house for an entire month.” “No, I can’t have lunch with you today.” “No, I’m not able to volunteer my time.”

Always Remain In The Present
Whenever we begin to feel overwhelmed by the intensity of what the present is, we then choose to find refuge in the memories of the past, or the dreams of the future. Doing either won’t serve us that well.

Currency is the only time that we have as life only occurs in the right now. Don’t allow your regrets about the past or the fears of the future rob you of the gift of staying in the present.

Always Be Listening To Yourself
What you have within you is the power and the wisdom to address all of the challenges of your life. Once you begin to feel overwhelmed, slow down and then focus on your body.

Allow the wisdom that’s within to show you what you’re really wanting. This if you find yourself giving in to all of the requests of others, but feel a huge lump of uncertainty growing in your stomach.

Your body is attempting to tell you something. If you can’t maintain your inner harmony engaging in the activity, then recognize your body’s signals while realigning your personal truth. This is what causes major illness.

Once you listen to your body, what you’ll recognize is the proper timing at the right place where opportunity and desire meet. What you’ll then find is peace and harmony, allowing yourself to flow forward with ease.

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