The Virtues And Rewards Of Being Nice To Others At All Times

why you should be nice to others at all timesBe nice to everyone, including those who you don’t like, and never waver from treating them differently or not respecting them. This includes those who you’re required to deal with on a daily basis or on special occasions.

Being nice to people, everyone that crosses your path, everyone that you come in contact with including: complete strangers, your spouse and kids, your employees, employer, your co-workers, or the clerk at the store.

But these unruly individuals exist and persist in our lives, those who are only nice if it’s in their best interest, or it benefits them somehow, although true that anyone can be rude on occasion.

But the truth being that those who are rude also has the right and need to make a living, while acting however they feel fit. They also come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. They could be your co-worker, boss, or sibling, they can be an excellent contributor in life.

Even though everyone has their own reasons to act the way that they do, why don’t they at the very least attempt to be nicer to everyone they come across as a courtesy, this regardless of who they are.

This isn’t saying you should become a pansy or a “yes” man or lady either, and become weak or any other substandard quality that’s usually associated with those who are always “nice.”

You can remain being a strong leader, a fierce competitor, someone who’ll fight and stand up for themselves to win, while taking no prisoners, yet still remain extremely nice about it.

Being nice is an excellent character attribute which enhances your personality, career, and family life. Showing kindness will also make you a lot happier as well.

Just Be Nicer About It
Work And Family Are All About Relationships – Business as well as your home life is all about negotiation and transactions, and every transaction comes with an agreed upon deal with a buyer and a seller.

These relationships which are formed are always impacted by your behavior. So displaying good behavior translates towards good relationships, while displaying poor behavior, doesn’t.

It Will Inspire And Motivate Others – Once you become abusive, judgmental, egotistical, and want to control everything, what that does is it turns people off. That’s not good for your productivity or effectiveness.

On the other hand, if you display positive qualities such as showing respect and fairness, doing so isn’t just endearing, but it also displays excellent leadership skills as well.

Everyone Knows What You’re Doing – Even if you think that nobody does. Whenever you display flashes of your rudeness, or are inconsiderate, and come across as entitled, you look and sound like one.

In the past, everyone had to witness your poor behavior firsthand, but now, your bad behavior can be forever captured by social media, and once done so, it will remain forever.

Networking Is Still The Key – Networking still commands a lot of importance, so you still need to get out there and schmooze about, which is critically important for building relationships, partnerships, and generally gaining more exposure to new opportunities.

And because of social media, doing so becomes more important as ever. So it helps if displaying a genuine sense of humility, show your humorous side while displaying other attractive traits.

Where Everyone Knows Your Name And Each Other – In the business world as well as with your friends and relatives, we all work and live in a system which relies on infrastructure, reputation, distribution, and marketing/gossip channels, which connects all partnerships and friends.


We all make our own choices in which businesses that we deal with, or the people we associate with. So if you’re a genuine jerk, someone that you may need to eventually partner with, or you need to ask a favor, may not be there.

Know How You Come Across – Most are not just as self-aware as they should be. In fact, at times, most have no idea how they come across at all. Some will just see themselves completely different from how others perceive them.

If you’re not sure how others see what your behavior is, then you’re better off finding out, and then correct it the best way that you can, it’s just for your own good.

Karma Does Exist And It Will Hit You – Karma isn’t just reserved for those who believe in the mystical forces. Whenever we see that someone is behaving badly, we often ask ourselves, “How the heck can he (she) do or say that. How can they even live with themselves?”

This because we’re not always completely aware of how we appear or come across to others. What we’ll do instead is compartmentalize everything, or the things which we really don’t feel, or are wanting to be consciously aware about.

On a subconscious level, somewhere buried deep inside our minds, we know the difference between good and bad, and we’re completely aware of what we’re doing or saying, we know when we’re being rude, obnoxious, or annoying to someone.

What then happens is that “bad” thought will always remain with us, we’ll remember it. We also believe that one day that this guilt, this wrong doing, will come back and strike us eventually, some refer to this as karma.

What we expect in the recesses of our minds is that the consequence we’ll get because of our bad acts that we do over our lifetimes. That somehow, it will come back and haunt us somehow, someway, and we also believe that we deserve it.

We believe we behaving badly will come back and get us in real time, and this can happen when we least expect it, so why not just be kind to others to avoid this.

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