The Top 5 Common Reasons Why Someone Will Breakup With You

Rare are the times when two people on this planet remain together in this day and age. There’s boredom, incompatibility, inconceivable differences, the list is lengthy. There’s more serious valid issues such as infidelity, physical or emotional abuse, or because one’s lost interest in the other, realizing you both don’t really share common goals or interests any longer. The bliss and the love at first sight is often cured by a second look. At times, some will give up on the other that they may even have feelings for, this without actually attempting to make things work out. Reasons to end a romantic relationship.

5. Things Aren’t Moving Fast Enough

In the attempts to hopefully get physically intimate with their girlfriends, some guys will decide to put pressure on them, this by saying that thing’s aren’t moving fast enough for their taste. Instead of they waiting for the relationship to follow its course, or attempt to understand their girlfriend’s reasons, what they’ll initiate is a breakup to avoid being dumped first.

4. It’s Getting Too Serious

This stemming from the fear of commitment, it’s the men who’ll often choose to end a relationship based on it getting too serious for them. Although the key objective for most women is to get married sometime in their life, most won’t seek a strong long-term commitment during the early stages of the relationship. What men who fit this profile should be is honest with themselves, and admit that they’re not really looking for a romantic relationship, not wanting to be tied down.

3. I’m Too Busy For A Relationship

Generally, getting your priorities straight is a good idea. But suddenly deciding to break up with someone you like because your career is more important, so you can’t give your undivided attention to your job, is a bad idea. Despite the new promotion or raise that you just got, having balance in your life is important, and a vital component for your livelihood, sanity, and health, this by enjoying spending quality time with your loved ones.

2. I Hate How You Dress

There’s nothing that yells shallow more than not liking the clothing style that your partner wears. This is however a common reason why girls will breakup. That their boyfriends aren’t into fashion, so they won’t wear the trendy hip clothes so they could be styling. So if that’s the case ladies, what you can do is give him a crash course on what to wear, or start buying him the apparel that are fashionable. Rest assured, he’ll most likely wear them.

1. I Hate Your Friends

It’s thought to be a miracle for the human race to survive this long as a single type of species, considering that there’s now over 7 billion inhabitants, all with different unique personalities. So it’s not possible to like everyone. The number one reason to break up with someone is that they don’t like their friends, they don’t like you, or that their family doesn’t like you. It’s passive-aggressive behavior which has simple solutions, which is to just change your attitude. The key is to just adjust.