The Top 4 Ways Of Stopping Or Slowing Down The Aging Process

the top ways to prevent the aging processAging and getting older accelerates with time, momentum will carry it forward non stop. That’s the one certain universal fact of life which most of us know will happen, but are not always willing to embrace.

So as the days turn into years, and father time and mother nature marches on, we begin spending a lot more time, effort and money in the attempts of slowing down the aging process, this since we’re wanting to look and feel younger.

Some of our efforts may be in vain because we’re continuously contradicting our intent, often without even realizing it. Women especially want to turn back time to their brighter and sparkling days, especially when it comes to their skin.

But usually, it’s self-sabotage that’s to blame, this because of our poor eating habits, lack of exercise, or improper sleep. These activities eventually add up, and contributes to the aging process.

But the good news is that you’re able to somewhat slow it down by applying several easy to implement steps to boosting that youthful appearance and feel.

It’s never too late to change or reverse your habits. At times, the results can be dramatic to the point that you won’t want to stop because of the positive visible results. You can then somewhat transport yourself back in time.

Ways To Slow Down The Aging Process

Stop Working So Long And Hard
There’s research which proves that a bad or difficult job, regardless if it’s your career choice, or out of necessity, that if you don’t like it, or are working extremely long hours, continuing to do so is one of the biggest contributors to heart disease, as well as accelerating the cell aging process.


Continuously putting in those long 12 hour days will also minimize the time that you’re able to spend exercising, preparing and eating healthier meals, and getting adequate sleep.

Chronic stress which becomes long-term, also becomes an issue for those who are overworked, which impairs brain function which are age related. What the continuous pounding of stress on the brain does is it shrinks the hippocampus, the area where memories are formed.

Another known impairment is the dysfunction of the frontal lobe, which is associated with planning, prioritizing, coordinating, and executing executive decisions and activities.

So Look Younger By:
If you’re not able to immediately slow down or change your stress points outright, then you can write up a personal list of things that you can do which makes you happy.

This can be activities such as, sipping your favorite tea, having a scoop of low-fat gelato, a kiss on your cheek by your dog, and then make sure you include them in your day.

Also decide to take issues more in stride, by reducing or eliminating complaining in your life as much as possible. Resist the urge if you want to gripe by replacing any complaint words with words of gratitude instead.

If at all possible, choose a different career for the latter years of your working life. Choose to write, or become a yoga instructor, instead of the daily grinding treadmill that is currently your job.

Finding work which is more fulfilling gives you a better sense of purpose, so move forward towards fulfilling your dreams.

To Much Exposure To The Sun
Moderate controlled amounts are required for that much needed vitamin D content, but too much sun can result in serious consequences, the most prominent being skin cancer.

Excessive sun can also cause premature wrinkles, that dry dull looking complexion, broken capillaries, and unsightly sun spots on the skin. This excess however, doesn’t just occur when your baking yourself on the beach.


Experts claim that over 75% percent of excess exposure to the sun comes from everyday events and outings, such as walking outdoors, or just driving in your car to the market, as the UVA rays are able to transfer through car windows.

Other sources, according to skin and dermatologist experts, include, reflected light from water, reflection from snow and sand, rooms with lots of mirrors, higher altitudes, and high UV indexes on cloudy days.

So Look Younger By:
Especially during those hot sun days, make sure that you apply a daily moisturizer which contains at least SPF 30 or higher. The products which contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are usually chemical-free. Apply the sunscreen to all of the exposed areas of the body.

Use dedicated stronger sunscreen for extreme outdoor activities, and cover the neck, ears, nose, and the backs of hands. For these areas, use a better UVA blocker which also contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Always make sure that you wear light protective clothing, including a hat when possible. It’s recommended that you limit your exposure, even on those cloudy dry days. Make sure that you shield your eyes as well as the immediate surrounding skin with sunglasses which has UV protection of at least 400 or higher.

Consuming The Good Fats
Women especially will typically cut out any type of fat from their diets as they begin to age. This because of the obvious which is attempting to cut away calories to reduce fat storage.

But fat is required, especially the healthy fats such as the omega-3 fatty acids, which helps in keeping the skin supple while boosting the health of the brain, and keeping the heart strong. These healthy natural oils will also fight diabetes while increasing one’s lifespan.

Not enough omega-3 intake increases cellular inflammation, which then accelerates the aging process, which then can leads towards organ dysfunction as well as decaying bodily function. Deficiency in the good fats will also make your skin appear more irritated and simply a lot older.

So Look Younger By:
Consume more omega-3. Keep in mind that although it’s found abundantly in nature, the science behind how effect it really is, is still relatively unknown.

It’s suggested, however, that eating wholesome natural foods which contain omega-3, as well as other nutrients which are rich in vitamins, including, vitamins B, C, D, E, can result in better brain and cognitive function.

It’s recommended that you avoid most vegetable oils which are rich in omega-6, which are most commonly found in sunflower, soy, and safflower oils, as well as saturated fats which are found in processed cheese and butter.

What you should also be doing is consuming extra virgin olive oil, avocados, almonds, and wild “fatty” rich fish such as salmon. What’s recommended is 2 1/2 grams of DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids on a daily basis.

This is equivalent to one tablespoon of pure cod liver oil, or another form of pure fish oil supplement. Eating healthy food while taking these healthy oils will better help in the absorption of other fats as well.

Too Much Sugar And Added Sugar
The average person in North America consumes over 150 pounds of a variety of sugar products on a yearly basis, which contributes to 20% percent of our entire calorie intake.

The health related implications of this ranges from being obese to developing type II diabetes. Sugar is also responsible to premature wrinkling of the skin, just as much as excessive sun exposure and smoking can be.

The cause of this is because of a process which is known as glycation, which causes sugar to attach itself to the proteins in elastin and collagen, which makes the skin look a lot older and dried out.

Dermatologists has found that the known aging effects of excess sugar consumption in the body become visible at around 35 years of age, and will accelerate significantly after that.

So Look Younger By:
The most effective is cutting down on sugar as well as processed foods. It’s recommended that individuals should try limiting their sugar intake to around 25 grams, or 6 teaspoons of sugar and added sugar products per day.

Fiber can also slow down sugar absorption, so begin consuming whole foods such as eating an orange instead of drinking processed orange juice. There are also some prepackaged orange juices on the market which can contain the same amount of sugar as a can of cola does.

When that sugar craving invariably hits, it often occurs when you’re thirsty, so go for some fresh water, or a glass of club soda instead of something that’s sweet. If liquids aren’t sufficient, then try a handful of fresh berries, or a piece of pure dark chocolate to satisfy the hunger.

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