The Top 10 Ways To Recognize If Someone’s Being Sarcastic

The definition of sarcasm, is when someone happens to make an observation which isn’t intended to be mistaken for the truth, this in order for it to draw attention to how ridiculous it is. It can often at times, be considered a rather aggressive verbal tool, although the intent can be disguised as humor. Sarcasm is used as a method for mocking or teasing another person, this at times with the intended party not even realizing it. To know, to extract the main clue that sarcasm is being used, can be a particular tone of voice. Sarcasm, as it can be subtle, makes it difficult to call the person out.

10. Recognize Facial Expressions

Someone who’s being sarcastic, the reveal is that they’ll usually convey their message through their facial expressions, which contradicts their statement. Someone who grimaces as they’re saying something positive, can be construed as they being sarcastic.

If they have a big scowl on their face, as they say it’s a great day, the chances are good they’re being sarcastic. Other expressions include, raised eyebrows, yawning, eye rolls, or shrugged shoulders. At times, those being sarcastic has no facial expression, or has a monotone delivery.

9. Detect Their Tone Of Voice

A sarcastic tone can be easy to detect, this especially if you know the individual, as there’s a distinct alteration in the person’s regular speaking voice. If they want to make sure that it’s sarcasm, the voice will usually be more exaggerated.

The pitch of the individuals voice will usually be lower than their typical speaking voice. The words may be emphasized, elongated, or drawn out, such as, “Suuuure, it’s a GREAT day to go shopping.” At times, some will mutter sarcastic remarks slightly under their breath, followed by a slight sigh.

8. Know The Roots Of Sarcasm

Know the core of sarcasm is a form of spite or anger. At times, those who are sarcastic may be resentful, angry or bitter, regarding the perceived slights that they’ve received. Realize that you may even be the root of this anger, or it could be stemming from somewhere or someone else, and they’re just taking it out on you.

The intent of sarcasm can be to make the other person, perhaps you, feel bad or inferior, so that they could feel better themselves. The communication can then become dysfunctional, or get misinterpreted.


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