The Symptoms Of A Thyroid Disorder The Reasons And Its Cure

the symptoms which are thyroid disorderThere are numerous clinical studies which are performed to find the cause of thyroid disease, and why it happens. What’s also investigated are the steps to relieve and prevent it. It’s realized that the cause, effect and the cures aren’t what most may think.

What the thyroid in the body, which is located in the neck area does is it regulates the speed of energy production that goes into the cells of the body. Thyroid disorder occurs when this natural metabolism process becomes restricted, making you feel sluggish.

What a thyroid disorder does is it increases your risk of contracting degenerative diseases such as heart disease or arthritis, while increasing your risk of other widespread infections.

In some documented cases, the energy levels in the cells of the body aren’t able to sustain their basic level of metabolic phase, which then creates a situation that can become life threatening.

One of the major problems with thyroid disorder is that it’s often misdiagnosed improperly during initial tests. Even if the testing shows that you don’t have a thyroid disorder, you may still be at risk.

The Causes Of Thyroid Disorder
It’s found that if your body happens to be highly acidic, then the risk increases, so it becomes important to check your overall pH level, and then take the proper dietary measures to reduce it.

By doing so, you’ll not only reduce the chances of developing thyroid disease, but you’ll also stop from making it worse. You’ll then begin improving your overall health while lowering your vulnerability to any associated degenerative diseases.

Knowing The Associated Risks
The accumulation and the buildup of pH acid levels in your body is caused by the improper digestion of food, eating foods which are acid forming, or having an allergy to certain foods. Other known causes include the constant exposure to heavy metals, toxic chemicals in the water supply, and consuming highly processed fatty foods.

Once the acid levels begins to rise, what your thyroid function does is it becomes naturally overused, forcing your metabolism levels to slowdown which results in the overall feeling of being deadbeat.

There’s also the lack of digestive enzymes because of the over consumption of certain poorly processed foods, which further accelerates the disorder. Then your body’s ability to be able to neutralize acids as a result is further reduced.

Also, as one begins to age, the toxins that one is exposed to over time begins to take its toll, and the chances of developing thyroid disorder significantly increases.

The Damage Thyroid Disorder Does To The Body
Once you’re diagnosed, the cells and organs in your body won’t metabolize as quickly and efficiently as they should, and the presence of highly excessive pH acid levels only makes the problem worse.

Your cells and internals then becomes defeated by the acid, the same ones which needs to be eliminated. It then becomes a Catch 22 situation as the thyroid disorder combats the bodies ability to effectively eliminate these acids. The high pH acid level then begins to worsen the thyroid disorder itself.

For instance, what a sluggish thyroid does is it reinforces the digestive issues which causes the acid to accumulate in your body in the first place. Since a thyroid disorder will slow down your cellular metabolism, reducing the body’s ability to be able to eliminate acid waste. The more acid-forming substances that you consume, the more that this cycle repeats itself.

A thyroid disorder will also reduce the functions of your immune system, which then exposes it to chronic disease and infection. And because of all the accumulation of this acid, the infection then spreads quicker, which then diminishes the body’s ability to neutralize these acids.

As with any other organ in the body, what the thyroid needs is glucose and oxygen to function at its peak maximum. Once the unwanted acid waste begins to accumulate in the bloodstream, these vital substances aren’t able to get through.

Without adequate glucose and oxygen, proper thyroid function is reduced. This results in the disorder, which restricts the body from being able to bypass the bloodstream effectively, which then slows down the glucose and oxygen from passing through.


The Benefits Of Having A Well Balanced pH Level
All this comes down to maintaining proper pH balance, and since thyroid disorders causes additional degenerative diseases, a properly functioning one is able to effectively restore better health in all areas of the body.

Once you begin to balance the pH levels in your body by eliminating the acid-forming substances from your diet, what you’re doing is giving your thyroid an opportunity to heal itself. What an improved thyroid will do is instantly help all the organs in body to function better.

Steps To Neutralizing High pH Acid Levels
So the key is to neutralize these high acid levels which restores the pH balance in your body. The easiest way is just by reducing or eliminating the consumption of acidic foods and substances.

Begin by adding more alkaline based foods and minerals into your diet which counteracts it, which then restores your thyroid. As your acid level begins to fall, you’ll find that the thyroid will begin functioning better, giving you more energy.

The metabolism levels in your body will improve as a result, this allowing you to neutralize the acid levels even further. The end result will be restored health, and a decrease in the risk of getting thyroid disease related illnesses.

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