The Self Sabotage Techniques Used To Not Becoming Successful

choosing success insteadFor some, in their attempts to construct a path to become successful, the biggest cause of their destruction is they becoming their own enemies, as they block their own progress to success, this without even realizing it.

We’re all guilty from time to time of certain behaviors which hinders our progress, our success. So what it requires is self awareness, knowing what we’re doing at all times, right now, this in the attempts to correct the blunders of our destruction which can undermine our success.

What we should never do is lose our confidence and commitment, this by establishing strict goals and guidelines, and most importantly having the dedication and the discipline to stick to them, to follow through.

Not Following Your Goals
Forgetting or ignoring your vision, or not having a goal is self sabotage. What exactly do you want to achieve, establish in your business and life, this in the short and the long term.

What do you visualize yourself doing, enjoying, once you’ve achieved these goals. A better lifestyle with financial security, a new home and car, that long extended holiday to see the world.

Set specific end goals along with a plan that you’ll need to do in order to achieve them, and then set the activities as a reward. If you don’t establish specific goals, or forget about them during your journey, then you’ll stray off course.

Never Stop Learning
You don’t need to physically drop everything and go back to college to learn. There are now a variety of channels where you can learn concise information. Often, what you need to learn can’t be taught in an University degree.

Search for personal along with financial development training programs, and then equip yourself with the knowledge and the tools that you’ll need to activate, this to take that next step.

Successful people never stop learning, they have an insatiable desire for more knowledge. Search the Internet, find the best specific learning programs, self help books, and just learn. Invest your time in educating yourself.

There’s No Free Lunch
Most want to become successful, but they also want everything for free, a template paved for them. Well, guess what, that’s called a job. There are no handouts, nothing is free, so be prepared to investment some money, risk, and effort.

No genuine long term sustainable business can’t thrive without an initial capital outlay, along with a “rainy day” fund when times get tough.

There are however some select genuine businesses where you can begin with minimal capital outlay, but they still need capital to grow them. Being cheap isn’t recommended.

The Fear Of Failure
Fear is the toxic motivator that keeps most dreams from becoming successful. Thus the quote “Defeat isn’t the worst of failures. Not having tried is the true failure.”

You’ll constantly face temporary setbacks on your quest towards success, learn from them, then pick yourself up and move forward. Learn to develop success from your failures. Fail, become discouraged, then overcome them to the path of success.

The Evil That Is Procrastination
It’s nasty like a virus, it festers. Taking action right now is the foundational key to success. By procrastinating, you’re missing opportunities to be the best that you can be, to be the difference.

Recognize and get rid of all the bad habits which wastes your time, break down your tasks in small manageable pieces, visualize the end result of what you’re doing. Do all you can to fight procrastination which will distract you from your daily goals.

The Lack Of Focus
You have clearly laid out your plan to success, but if you don’t have the strict focus, then all you’re doing is sabotaging yourself. There are opportunities which arrives at your doorstep daily, pay strict attention to them. Some are worthy, others are not.


Regardless of how genuine they may be, always pay equal attention to them. This especially when you’re starting an online business, as you can become overwhelmed with information.

You’ll become confused, saturated with info overload, which will stop you from taking action. The key is remaining focused. Have a list of the things that you need to do today, positive things which will build your business.

Becoming Easily Discouraged
This is common, the Internet is too vast and you’ll get distracted and discouraged, or your family and friends will think that you’ll never succeed. Don’t allow this to affect you.

The best cure is surrounding yourself with a network of like minded positive people who’ll support and encourage you towards your path to success. You can’t avoid discouraging words, discouraging things or people, the only thing you can do is not allow them to influence you.

Always Expect Changes
To become successful, move out of your comfort zone, as you need to be constantly improving, changing. Improve yourself, your business, your products. This especially for Internet businesses as they’re extremely dynamic.

Make sure that you stay on top of all the recent developments, and constantly be learning all the new methods of running and growing your business.

You’re Not Dedicated Enough
This becomes absolutely crucial yet not common enough. If you want something bad enough, it will become yours. The majority of people will station, program themselves to fail, as they don’t have the fundamental desire to become successful.

The Path To Success
Becoming successful isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion, you need to set yourself on fire. Success is the volatile mixture of having the flair for what you’re doing, knowing that it’s not enough, and that you need to work harder with a sense of purpose.

A successful person is someone who’s able to lay down a firm foundation with the bricks which are thrown their way, and then build their business. You need flaming enthusiasm that’s backed with common sense and persistence.

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