The Secret Ways On How The Highly Influential Persuades You

how to be more convincingThere are some who has perfected a way of getting others to do what they want. These are usually management types at the workplace. Anyone can be and are more persuasive than they think they are, as there’s a few powerful secrets of persuasiveness.

What most don’t realize is that they already have certain qualities that needs to be refined to become persuasive. This doesn’t mean that you need to be manipulative, cheat, lie, or be a suck up. Genuine persuasiveness is an important cog of being successful.

Being persuasive means that you’re influencing, asking others to take certain action, while they thinking it was their own idea.

This becomes a win-win situation that can be refined. Most have these qualities within themselves, while for others, it may need to be cultivated.

Making A Genuine Connection With Others
A people person knows how to connect a bond with others. A big part of persuasion to be effective, is developing a general rapport between yourself and someone.

This could be a client, coworker, or spouse. If you don’t know the other person that well, it becomes imperative to start building a connection immediately, this by finding common ground as soon as possible, and then begin developing a strong relationship.

Find The Other Persons “Hot” Button
Those who are persuasive makes it a point to understand the person they’re talking to. They learn their quirks, who they are while realizing their preferences.


They would never discuss generalized topics with those who are detail orientated, or wouldn’t talk in declarative terms to someone who values collaboration. The quicker you pinpoint their trigger buttons, the better you can tailor your message.

Make A Good First Impression
Persuasive people know making that good first impression counts, this because everyone makes an instant judgment regarding others, this within the first few seconds of meeting someone.

Persuasive people know they need to make an impact, bringing their best to every new encounter.

Learning How To Define Wants
Persuasive people know that they need to display an emotional desire, an enthusiasm for what they’re attempting to represent or sell, or motivate others to do.

If there isn’t a need that’s created, then nothing will happen. Find the desperation that’s missing, then sell the improvement that’s available.

Developing Emotional Intelligence
Those who persuade have control over their emotions. They’re conditioned to remain calm when under conflict, while not allowing themselves to get overly involved in the nonsense of drama, when things don’t go their way.

They regulate themselves to stay as steady and calm as possible, which attracts people to trust them.

They Know How To Sway
What persuasive people know and gauge is exactly where they sit in any situation. They know if they need to push or pull, if they need to exert a bit of influence. They realize that pushing too hard or pulling too softly depends on the situation they’re in.

So they’ll take two steps forward, one step back, as they maneuver on the dance floor of life. What positive progress requires is a consistent constant graceful flow that’s not erratic.

They know that pushing forward too hard just causes others to become annoyed and defensive.


Ask Questions Always Be Curious
Persuasive people don’t have all the answers, the aches and the pains, the desperate needs. What they’re always prepared with however, are an arsenal of questions to find out why and how.

They have the sense of being constantly curious, the hunger to constantly learn something, to find out more than what they already know.

They naturally want to get educated, always have more questions than they do answers, and these queries are usually about knowing more about the person that they’re talking to.

What They Project Is Confidence
Those who are persuasive, there’s always an aura of confidence that surrounds them, yet it’s not smugness. Having this type of authority shines as being compelling, this over any other human trait.

The more that they believe in what they do it shows, and others will respond more positively towards them. What most will seek in others is the same confidence that they want in themselves.

They Know How To Inspire Others
What all strong persuasive people understand is it’s human nature that everyone wants to fit in somehow, somewhere. Whether it be with their own peer group, the need to be popular, appreciated, or recognized.

So they know how to empathize and then connect on this common ground, as what doing so does is reassures others.

So they make everyone feel that they fit in, or won’t be left behind or left out, that they’re part of the tribe. What this feeling does is makes them want to follow their lead.

They Know How To Tell Stories
Persuasive people know how to tell a captivating story. The plot, climax, ending, then the line, hook, and sinker.

They know that what people buy into are their ideas, message, background, and morals. What they create is a convincing visual image of what they’re selling.

They’re Genuinely Authentic
Most could spot a phony or a flake a distance away. Those who can’t be trusted radiates a certain disdain that others will quickly pick up on subconsciously.

Persuasive people know the value of coming across as being genuine and authentic. Once others believe who you say you are, then you set the table, as they know you’re not being manipulative, so they give you their trust.

What everyone has are these traits to become more influential and persuasive. All most needs is just a bit of spit and polish to realize their own shine. Just show your true intentions, and you’ll end up on their right side.

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