The Secret That Drives The Internet And Your Marketing Efforts

content drives internetThere wasn’t a huge celebration when the Internet was first plugged in. There’s history however on why it was created, its concept, and more importantly what its purpose was. Everything has a beginning, and these are the humble beginnings on the World Wide Web, and why it was conceived.

The Internet began as a glimmer of hope to solve a problem, and why this single idea is important when it comes to your online marketing efforts. The exact date of the beginning of the Internet as we know it, was October, 1969.

This date was the first time in history that a single computer was connected to another computer, and was able to electronically “talk” to one another by transferring bits of data, via wire transmission connected to a router over a network.

The Purpose Of The Internet
The World Wide Web (WWW), the Internet as we know it, is a wide area information retrieval system for the transmission of data. The goal was designed to give the users universal access to large stores of documents.

So the Internet is basically nothing more than a huge sophisticated communication device, an electronic library, which gives the users the ability to search and exchange information. This the reason why it was originally dubbed “The Information Super Highway.”

Okay So You Don’t Care
So you’re wondering, what’s in it for me. It’s pretty clear that the vision of the Internet was created as a data exchange tool, a method to search for and retrieve related information that we want or query about.

This information retrieval is performed through the use of Search Engines, by using a string of keywords phrases, such as “How to lose weight” which then you’re directed to the information that you’re interested in.

So the question remains, what’s the “secret” that drives the Internet. The answer is right in front of you, as you’re using it right now.

The Secret That Drives The Internet
It’s content, information. Ask yourself why you go online, the reason why you’re here right now. For some it’s just for entertainment, but most go online to find information, to get answers to whatever they’re troubled about.

This information is delivered based on the keywords used by your search. So what’s always in demand is unique relevant content which is accurate and helpful to these people.

So if you’re wanting to participate, to contribute to the Internet, then provide relevant information that’s related to your business for them to search, find, and read.

Some would say “I don’t know how to write content,” let alone have anything interesting to write about. Some also wonder how providing this content will benefit their business.

The best way to start is by just writing articles, it won’t be perfect at first or make any sense. You can learn as you go along as it’s an easy process. Any type of information can only benefit whatever it is you’re doing.

The Benefits Of Providing Online Content
Providing information about your business, your product or service gives you instant credibility. What you’re doing is conveying to your potential customer all of the benefits of your product, and then offering them a solution.

You tell them that your product or service will solve their issues, which also gives them a reason for they to look further into what you have to offer.

Content Increases Your Visibility
Once you offer content by providing valuable information, what you’re doing is leaving a “stamp,” a brand of who you are, what your business does, which all traces them back to your website and domain name.

Whenever you submit your information online to web directories, article sites, or on social media, what you’re doing is leaving a “link” footprint that’s pointing directly back to your business.


What you’re embedding is an army of online workers on all of the major search engines, along with on social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Why You Need To Build An Online Mailing List
It’s found that the single most important action that you can take is by building an email list, building a collection of names who are interested in what you have to offer.

Without a list of interested people, you’ll always forever be scrambling to get traffic to your online business. What you need is a landing page with an opt-in form, where the respondents agree to get additional related information from you via email.

Whether you use online advertising such as pay per click, there are always costs associated. There are also other viral marketing options, where you provide content and then take actionable steps to get targeted traffic. All it comes down to is getting traffic to your site and then converting them.

Needle In An Online Haystack
You build a site for your product or service, but you need tons of traffic, hopefully ready to buy from you. Since there are now billions on people online, there must be someone who’s interested in what you have to offer, right?

To achieve this, one of the best proven online marketing models is by collecting email subscribers, this by using paid advertising and sending them to a landing page. This email list wants your information, your offers, coupons, or news on any new developments. They’ve subscribed and are expecting to receive this information from you.

Creating A Tightly Focused List
The more targeted, the tighter that you can focus into the interest of your email subscribers, the more likely that they’ll respond by clicking on your email offer, and taking some type of action.

Since these are those who have requested information from you, and they know who you are, they trust you and what you have to offer. So if you recommend something to them, the chances are good that they’ll take action.

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