The Secret Path To Manifesting What You Want In Life

What our perception of the universe is, this current world we live, our immediate life, does is creates what our true reality in the immediate future becomes. We become what we think of the most.

So once we begin to understand how our beliefs can shape what our destiny is, we can then learn how to manifest it, shape our dreams into the exact reality we vision, want.

Everyone on this earth sees the universe differently.

Someone who’s homeless views the universe as being unfair, that they’re cursed, that it’s a hard and tough world to survive in.

Someone who’s well off, wealthy, will view the same universe differently, as their life is paradise on earth. They are fortunate and gracious.

Both are living, viewing, and breathing the same universe, the same world, the same environment.

But it’s a different reality for both of them, a polar perspective, because of their perceptions of it, along with their life experiences. The hands of fate that they’ve been dealt.

If you feel hatred, fear, then it will be. If you think of happiness, it also is. What you can do is to begin reprogramming the way you perceive the universe to be, and then you can change your life.

It Is What It Is

Think of all those times you thought something bad was about to happen to you, and it did.

For instance, you get flashes in your mind that your car is about to break down, and then it does.

It’s happened to all of us.

Did you create it, was it premonition.

Compare this to how you look forward to doing something good, and then that happens as well.

Know however, that fear is a stronger force, a stronger emotion, and it will usually overtake positivity. Fear will always manifest easier and quicker.

It’s known that our thoughts and beliefs just doesn’t create the universe on a psychological and emotional level, but also on a materialistic level as well.

We’re afraid we can’t attract money, we can’t save or earn enough, and hence we can’t.

You can forever direct your will and focus on manifesting things you want in your life, but realize you can only manifest those things you truly genuinely believe you can and have.


You may forever wish for a million dollars in your mailbox tomorrow, but unless you really believe you can have it and it’s realistic, you will never get it.

You Get What You Want

You need to know that things won’t fall out of thin air and land on your lap. It usually takes a while for the order, that manifestation you made to develop, so it takes patience, time and faith.

The Universe could be testing you to see whether you really want it or not, if you’re willing to dedicate yourself to getting it, this before you actually get it.

You just can’t sit back and wait, twiddling your thumbs, for whatever it is you’re wanting to appear.

There’s a saying for a reason “The universe will help those who help themselves,” which is true. Manifesting is listening to your intuition and then following your instincts.

It also depends on what you’re attempting to manifest, and whether it’s in tune with what your life’s purpose is. If it isn’t, then you have work to do, this to attract it.

Also, if the manifestation is for selfish reasons and directed by your ego, then it most likely won’t produce.

It works best once you manifest for the greater good, from your higher self, unselfishly.

To Manifest What You Want

When manifesting, do so with an open mind on how you want it to realistically appear in your life.

For instance, you manifest the need for more money. You may however have this pre-built mental program in your subconscious that says, “Getting more money means I have to work harder,” which won’t work.

You need to be more specific, since once you limit the ways the Universe can provide you with what you want, it needs to work harder to get it to you.

So listen to your intuition since it will guide you.

Using Positive Affirmations

You can use affirmations, positive visualization methods to help you in creating what you want.

This doesn’t need to be limited to material items, but also for anything you want that’s non-materialistic into your life.

When you’re manifesting, look into the root cause of what you’re lacking.

For instance, you may currently be lacking love in your life.

Examine its cause. You might realize it’s because you lack self worth, confidence, or something traumatic happened in your childhood.

Once you’re aware of the reasons why, then you need to heal yourself first.

Then you’ll find it a lot easier to attract and then manifest what you want into your life.

The Universe Is Waiting… Waiting

The Universe is willing to meet you halfway on whatever it is you manifest. It’s willing to form a partnership with you. You need to do your part, and meet it halfway.

Realize how abundant the universe is. Take a look around and witness how abundant nature is. See how free and easy that nature gives and how much is given.

Now think how all this abundance will soon be a part of your life.

Sample Affirmations For Manifestation

• I’m worthy of love and respect from myself and others
• I will have an abundance of money flowing into my life
• I open myself up to the abundance of the universe
• I’m in complete tune with my higher self
• I accept that I am a worthy person

Always keep in mind that you need to completely believe in what you’re manifesting.

Always listen to your intuition, and always manifest from your higher self, this in harmony with your life’s purpose.

Manifesting isn’t just limited to material items. You can also manifest intangibles such as love, peace, happiness.

You can manifest for the better welfare of others, and not just for yourself.

Create The Exact Universe You Want

It’s up to you and only you to create the ideal universe you want to live in, no one else cares or will help you.

So once you change your realistic perceptions of it, you’ll alter the universe in your favor.

Always believe in yourself and what you’re able to achieve, what you need to overcome.

Believe you can manifest anything you want in your life, either good or bad.

Harness the power of your subconscious, and visualize to attract whatever it is you want to manifest into it.

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