The Secret Of Success Is To Do What The Happy People Do

symptoms of unhappinessWhat is true happiness, there are those among us who appears to be absolutely giddy about themselves on this big planet of ours. What most of us are conditioned to be is look happy, but depending on how our day’s going, we may instantly become upset or sad.

If you lean more towards being unhappy, there are certain traits that will follow you around, this despite your circumstances in life or how generously it treats you. Despite this, regardless of our happiness, we all still have our bad days which plagues us down.

When we’re not happy, its degrees will usually fit into several categories. What most unhappy people think is that to achieve anything in life, to get anywhere worthwhile needs to be a struggle.

But it’s found that what chronically happy people do in these situations is they know that life can be difficult, but it’s their attitude on how they treat these experiences.

They take these experiences as lessons and not feel like victims. What they do is take full accountability on how they ended up in the mess they’re in, and will take immediate steps to fix it.

It’s more about perseverance and reconstruction rather than complaining or feeling sorry for themselves and their circumstances.

Those who are not that happy will see the same situation as if they’re victimized, that “woe is me” attitude and don’t bother finding a solution.

Difficulty Trusting Others
Most who are happy will give the benefit of the doubt to others while trusting them more. They’ll look at the good in people rather than assuming everyone’s wanting to cheat or lie to them.

Happy people are generally more open and friendly towards new people they meet, fostering a sense of community and friendship around them.

Unhappy people have difficulty trusting or feeling comfortable around people, assuming that they’re strangers out to get them. This attitude narrows their social network, thwarting the opportunity of meeting new people.

What’s Wrong Instead Of What’s Right
We all know that there are bad things and bad people in this world. Unhappy people choose to ignore what’s good, instead focusing on things which are bad or wrong.

You can spot them in a crowd of people, they’re the one’s constantly complaining while responding to anything that’s positive with skepticism such as “yeah, but.”

Those who are happy are more connected with global issues, have better judgment on what’s right or bad. They view the world with eyes wide open. Happy people know that the world has issues, so they just focus on the good.

You Compare Yourself And Become Jealous
Those who are unhappy believe that if someone has good fortune, then they won’t have any themselves since they believe it’s limited. They think that there’s not enough “good” to spread around, and they’ll be left out.

What unhappy people will do is constantly compare and compete against others, and what they have or do. What this leads to is resentment and jealousy.

Happy people know that good luck is abundant and based on their efforts and achievement. They believe that there’s a certain blueprint that can be duplicated by anyone who wants to.

Those who are happy don’t believe in competition and think there are unlimited possibilities for everyone. They don’t think than the good fortune of others will limit their own possible outcome in life.


Constantly Wanting To Control Things
There’s a difference between having control over your life and striving to achieve goals. Those who are happy will constantly take steps on a daily basis to reach their goals, but ultimately realize that they have little control over what life throws their way.

Unhappy people will constantly attempt to micromanage their efforts to control the outcome of themselves or others, and can get dramatic while becoming disappointed once life screws with their plans.

Happy people are more focused, always on the ready and willing to go with the flow and not fall apart, this if life ever chooses to throw them unexpected curve balls.

The key is to be goal oriented, while allowing room for any unexpected twists of life to happen, and be ready if their best laid plans go bad. Happy people know it might, so they’re ready to settle for “Plan B” if needed.

It’s All About Fear And Worry
There’s just so much you can think of during the day, so you need to filter what you choose to think. Unhappy people will choose to fill their brains with doom and gloom, instead of what could go right.

Happy people will allow themselves to daydream on how life will positively unfold in front of them. Unhappy people will choose to fill their head with worry and fear.

If someone who’s happy feels fear and worry, they’ll ask themselves if there’s anything they could do about it. If there’s any action they could take to alleviate or prevent this fear from happening.

If there’s nothing that they can do, if they realize that they’re just expending their energy aimlessly, then they’ll just ignore it and let it go, then move on.

Your Conversations Involve Gossiping And Complaining
Those who are unhappy will live their life in the past. The “bad” things that happened to them while dwelling on life’s hardships. Once they run out of things to complain about, they’ll then turn their attention to gossiping about the lives of others.

Those who are happy, they spend their time in the right here and now, while daydreaming about their future. Without a word spoken, you can instantly sense their positive vibes.

They’re constantly excited about something that they’re working on to make their lives better, or to help the lives of someone else better, while being grateful for what they have. Unhappy people dwell on, “what’s in it for me.”

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