The Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Ahead In Life And Work

how to become a successful employee by diversifyingSo you’re wondering why you don’t stand up or stand out in your life, and progress in your chosen career. There you are, still spinning your wheels after all these years, eventually turning into decades.

You also realize that there’s no longer such a thing as job security. So the real driving force and survivability of any career now comes down to your micro knowledge, this based strictly on you the individual, and what you choose to do about it.

So it doesn’t matter how old you are, which position you hold, what education you have, what business you happen to be in. You need to understand personal branding, which is the single most important product that you represent, and market on a daily basis. It’s the brand that’s known as You.

During this or any economic downturn, which appears to be forever stalling, what the economy is doing is repositioning and re-slotting itself. It’s redefining and micro analyzing individuals and their professions, which then focuses on their survivability.

So what you need to do is protect yourself, gather all of your forces to manage, and then excel by moving yourself forward. So you need to develop strategies to propel yourself and your job.

Strategically Developing Long-term Endeavors
If you consider yourself a professional in any field, then diversify by learning other avenues such as sales, marketing, or negotiation. Become more active in negotiating for human resource interests in your organization. Developing these secondary types of strategic positions will lead you to be an unlikely candidate for job loss.

Begin developing a strong brand for yourself, and not the product or the position in your company that you represent. So whatever your area of expertise may be, take the steps to make others think of you, when it comes to your field of knowledge.

Just Participate In Tasks Which Generate Revenue
Strictly concentrate and participate in revenue generating activities for your self and your company. Develop new ways and find different avenues of increasing marketing opportunities and revenue generating models.

Create these new revenue generating capacities, then begin building personal relationships with the clients involved in the process, which secures your position further.

In this forever evolving competitive world, businesses are realizing that it’s still the individuals who can implement and enhance brand awareness and services effectively. It’s not the website, not social media, not the company’s brand that’s marketing and generating revenue, it’s rather the people who represent that brand.

Become Indispensable By Overlooking Vital Projects
When you can make yourself more valuable, more than what your current position calls for, then take advantage of it. If your organization requires an upgrade in online security protocols, or an upgrade in the computer network, then take advantage by offering your knowledge.

You’ll not only upgrade your organization by bringing in the latest technology, but since you’re the only employee who knows how to install and make the network run efficiently, you’ll make your position at the firm absolutely indispensable.

Learn To Multitask To Reduce Company Costs
In this unstable economy, most firms will usually resort to a hiring freeze with possible layoffs in the future. So to cement your position, begin to multitask your talents that’s left vacant by the layoffs.

Clearly offer and then demonstrate to your employer that your capable of expanding and boosting your productivity, by diversifying, which can save the company money by they not needing to outsource. This will increase your value as well as the likelihood that you’ll be protected from being next on the chopping block.

Learn Specialization Making You Completely Indispensable
Say for instance your a high tech professional who is working for a foreign global Internet media company, then consider taking additional advanced certification courses which will propel you into a specialized category.

Find a need and then take the initiative yourself as you’ll become a highly sought after rare commodity as an employee. This specialization should also advance your position by communicating with clients and other managers, which should help you in keeping or accelerating your job through merger or advancement.

As the saying goes, if you’re able to be first, then be first. If you’re not able to be first, then create a brand new category where you can then be first.


Begin Developing Cross Occupational Opportunities
If you feel that your immediate position is or may be phased out, and may be potentially outsourced, then have the foresight of seeing this and do something about it.

Begin by taking courses and classes which will enhance and diversify your qualifications. So once the layoffs do occur, you’ll not only most likely survive, but possibly even receive a promotion to transfer or manage other areas of the company.

Those who are in highly competitive markets such as real estate, for instance, where there are far too many realtors and far too less properties available, especially in a poor economic market, you need to branch out.

This because of the decline in home sales, consider taking courses to increase your knowledge by going into areas such as properly management, or becoming a foreclosure expert.

Everyone wants to become a winner, will eventually succeed in whatever they set out to do to reach their goal. But there are only a selected few who are willing to spend the time, effort, and energy to actually become one. This is what separates winners from the other 99% percent.

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