The Proper Vitamins And Nutrients To Suit Your Lifestyle

taking natural supplements to enhance your healthOur bodies are designed to live in a completely perfect world, where the foods that we eat on a daily basis provides all of the proper nutrients and vitamins that we need to remain as healthy as possible.

But in reality, it becomes pretty obvious this is nowhere near the case. There are approximately 36% percent or so of us who don’t bother eating the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Then add the quick “fast food” type of solutions along with refined sugar and white flour which contains empty calories, we’re then guaranteed that we’ll lack most of the recommended essential nutrients.

Flour which is a primary staple, even in it’s “enriched” form, all of the B vitamins which it should contain are lost during the refining process. The sugar that’s refined contains absolutely no vitamins or minerals whatsoever.

So the solution for most is taking supplements since they’re affordable, available anywhere, and convenient to take. But the biggest issue is that you need to take the proper supplements which are tailored to your particular lifestyle.

If you happen to work long hours which forces you to constantly eat on the run, or if you’re extremely physically active exerting a lot of energy, you’re then required to take different nutrients which fills the deficiencies which you’re lacking.

Supplements To Take If You’re A Workaholic
If you routinely put in 10 to 12 hours a day at the workplace, leading a life that’s full of accomplishments but are extremely boring, what you’re doing is burning all of your energy which leaves you depleted to guard yourself against common colds, the flu, and major illness.

The following supplements however will help you in bolstering your immunity:
Coenzyme Q 10 For Energy
Recommended Dosage:Take 30 to 150mg daily combined with food which contains the good fats. Gel capsules instead of powder works the best. There may be mild stomach upset if you take these on an empty stomach.

B-complex Combats Stress While Turning Food Into Fuel
Recommended Dosage: Take 50 to 300mg on a daily basis. B-complex will provide you with all of the B vitamins in the correct proportions. These B vitamin’s, however, will pass through the body quickly since they’re water-soluble, so the time-released formulas work the best. Know that your need for B vitamins will also increase once you perspire, consume alcohol or lots of coffee.

Vitamin A For Stronger Immunity
Recommended Dosage: Take 4,000iu on a daily basis for women, 5,000iu for men. Some health experts recommend taking up to 50,000iu daily for treating viral infections. Know that women who are pregnant shouldn’t take more than 5,000iu. Always begin with lower dosages while monitoring your blood levels.

Vitamin C Increases Immunity While Reducing Stress
Recommended Dosage: Take 500 to 3,000mg on a daily basis. Our bodies aren’t able to manufacture vitamin C, so outside sources are needed. Ester-C is the most recommended form since it’s nonacidic, remains in the tissues longer, and enters the blood stream quicker. Since vitamin C is quickly flushed out in the urine, taking time-released capsules are recommended. Women who are pregnant shouldn’t be taking mega doses of vitamin C. Aspirin along with non-ester vitamin C when taken together in large doses can potentially cause stomach irritation which can possibly lead towards ulcers.

Zinc Helps Other Nutrients Along
Recommended Dosage: Take 20 to 50mg on a daily basis, If more than 150mg a day of zinc is taken, then it can cause copper deficiency. The best is taking zinc gluconate or zinc picolinate. Iron and zinc should also be taken at different times since they can interfere with each other. Vegetarians should especially be taking zinc supplementation.

A high-fiber diet may cause the zinc to be excreted. Zinc absorption can also be reduced through perspiration, infection, alcohol, arthritis, drugs, oral contraceptives, and diuretics.

Supplements To Take If You’re Extremely Physically Active
If you workout and exercise a lot or your work involves physical activity such as construction, then you’ll need specific supplements which will give you more energy while recovering quicker.

The following supplements can help you in coping with body ache, fatigue, and body pain.
Carnitine Improves Oxygen Efficiency
Recommended Dosage: Take 900 to 6,000mg of L-carnitine capsules on a daily basis with meals. Take up to 1,000mg three times a day to enhance performance or treating heart problems. A high fat diet or excessive alcohol also increases your need. You should be avoiding high doses if your pregnant.

Calcium For Stronger Bones
Recommended Dosage: Take 1,000mg of calcium citrate on a daily basis since it’s the most easiest to absorb, as is calcium carbonate and calcium lactate. The best benefit may be taking smaller doses throughout the day.

Make sure that you also get at least 15 minutes of sun every day that allows for the manufacture of natural vitamin D, which is needed for calcium absorption. Otherwise, take up to 1,000iu of vitamin D supplements daily.

Know that antacids will usually neutralize the stomach acids which are needed to absorb calcium. Supplemental calcium isn’t recommended however for those with kidney problems. Too much calcium can also potentially accumulate in the joints which contributes to degenerative disease. If your a vegan, then you’ll especially require extra calcium.


Omega-3 Helps You Recover Quicker
Recommended Dosage: Take anywhere from 250 to 3,000mg daily of pure form EPA omega-3. If you happen to be on blood thinners, consult with your doctor as some may find omega-3 difficult to digest.

Bromelain Prevents Inflammation When Sport Injury Occurs
Recommended Dosage: Take 250 to 500mg 3 times a day. It should be taken on an empty stomach since the enzymes will help digest bromelain quicker. Know that it may enhance absorption of quercetin, so consult with your doctor, especially if you’re taking blood thinners.

Glucosamine Will Strengthen Joints
Recommended Dosage: Take 500 to 1,500mg of glucosamine sulfate on a daily basis, and not N-acetylglucosamine or glucosamine hydrochloride. Once it’s also paired with chondroitin sulfate, it then usually becomes poorly absorbed and not worth the extra cost. Be aware that there may be slight stomach upset if taken on an empty stomach.

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