The Primary Sources Of Website Traffic And Targeted Customer Acquisition

thethreemethodsofgettinginternettrafficSo you’re ready, you’re all set up with your blog or website to earn money on the Internet. You have decided this is going to be the primary vehicle to independently earn an income for yourself and your family. So you’ve decided that your biggest question is, where does all the Internet users who want to buy my product or service come from?

It’s rather difficult to exactly specify the total number of our potential visitors who may turn into customers at any given time. One thing for certain is that those visitors as well as family and friends are not enough to be able to sustain a Web business, specifically yours.

When it comes down to it, actual exposure for the very first time, the type that’s targeted and has the ability to stick, there are three proven primary sources of Web traffic. They are social media networking, the search engines and Web media advertising.

When looking for the origins of website traffic turning into primary visitors, and they ultimately turning into paying customers, your focus should be on planning where and how to acquire this targeted traffic.

You will most likely be already familiar with each of these traffic sources as they may be quite obvious. But the practicality and execution should be what your looking for and planning. One should be a messaging strategy for each of the site traffic sources so you can immediately start generating income.

Getting Free Traffic From Search Engines
There is a natural source of getting free organic traffic and it’s from the search engines, and if you’re not getting any, you should be. Search engines are able to provide any site with targeted users and if executed properly, potentially lots of traffic.

But keep in mind that these are visitors who all has a diverse set of needs and wants along various experiences as well as demands, and the majority do not want to spill any money your way. This can lead towards an unsettled environment for a lot of the website owners. It applies especially for those who may have limited budgets for content development, or limited research development sources.

Search engines has the ability to provide the Web with infinite relevant access to any information that they are looking for. They do so by forcing Web and SEO marketers to properly structure and discipline information on their sites through better content development to acquire this traffic.

With all of this protocol that the marketers are required to follow just to provide the Web access to their information, all of the cues for getting new traffic should be present. For example, what are the types of content, such as: whitepapers, videos, articles, etc., which your direct competitors are providing, and what are the types of content which is appearing in the first few indexed pages of Bing, Yahoo or Google?

What is the exact structure of the page titles as well as the page architecture? To be able to acquire traffic from these search engines, you should not meet but should be exceeding the relevance as well as the appropriateness of those website which are ahead of you. So start by creating more unique relevant content, build better links, and never stop producing.

Despite what some will tell you that the search engines are beginning to slide a bit because of the rising prominence of the various social media networks, this is not completely accurate as the search engines should forever remain the primary source of traffic simply because of their ability to adapt.

Do not place all of your focus however just on the big three search engines, but on the others sources as well. These should include the ever increasing coupon as well as bargain search engines, document search, local search, image search, and the shopping search portals.

Where The Rubber Meets The Road – Internet Advertising

There is absolutely a no better focused visitor acquisition strategy than targeted advertising. And the reason is probably not what you may be thinking. For most, internet advertising is simply just too expensive for the majority of marketers because it’s executed improperly.

When it’s done efficiently however, and with a focus based strictly on “return,” provided that it’s measured properly, online advertising is the dominant force behind all of the successful Web awareness campaigns on the Internet today.

Not only because it’s able to instantly garner attention and generate buzz, but because of the increasingly sophisticated methods and technologies which are available, such as re-marketing to granular targeted control, can be achieved at fairly reasonable rates.

For those who happen to be involved in Internet advertising, they are required to have a depth of resources and capital for testing, along with the technical ability and know how to adequately execute in order for the techniques to work.


Sharing Is Caring By Using Social Media
Not too long ago, the very notion of transparency was on the top of the minds of professional Web marketers. While it may not be totally impossible, Web marketing has been transformed to be not perhaps completely transparent, but certainly a lot more open as well as exposed.

By using Twitter and Facebook along with every one of the micro-social networks which are available, including forums and chatrooms, all of the various social media networking destinations, whether they’re bookmarking or content sharing sites, provides every business with equal opportunity. The strategies used by most, largely thanks to the push towards transparency, completely levels the playing field.

So when looking at your own online strategy, you need to understand the style as well as the tone of your competition before you can strike out on your own, and decide what really works best for your particular individual situation.

Make sure that you keep in mind that the type of networking that you do greatly dictates the tone, so always be considering modifications for each approach, as personal networking on these social media sites can be far different from professional networking. For example, you will not be posting the same message that you would on Facebook, and be posting it on LinkedIn.

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