The Need To Love Yourself First Before You Can Love Anyone Else

Having a romantic relationship is the precipice of happiness and a goal for many. But the more that you pursue it, the more it appears to become elusive. Before you start, make sure that you’re emotionally, mentally, and physically stable first, this before finding that new relationship.

Never settle for anything less than things that makes you happy. Life is too short to be committed to feeling miserable, so work and play in a place of contentment. Never pursue love in the hopes of fulfilling a personal deficit of self-love. It should be a wonderful feeling, and not a band-aid solution because of a low self-esteem.

Then the love will never depreciate, as it will remain with you forever, while no longer needing to fuel the soul. You need to love yourself first, as that’s the medication for any emotional ailment you may have.

Always Be Grateful
Show your appreciation at all times, especially towards those you’ll see again, such as your friends and family, as they’ll rarely forget a single digression.

When it comes to human life, the expiration dates are unknown and surrendered to fate. Tomorrow might be the day that you no longer exist on this earth, so tell your loved one’s today how much you love them.

Communicate Better
The worst is not communicating effectively to get your point across, this to yourself or someone important. Always be honest with your feelings and always be expressing them.

At the end of the day, all you have is yourself to appease, so constantly be monitoring your thoughts and feelings. Always keep an open journal and write your thoughts down.

No One Ever Is To Blame
When things don’t go right, go left. You only have yourself to blame. There’s no one who can read or predict your mind.

It’s impossible to expect someone else to fulfill the demands of a silent agenda. Don’t get upset or sad once others don’t understand you. Instead, state your message clearly.

Always Be Listening
Active listening doesn’t mean allowing others to talk forever, but it means hearing their words. Empty out your mind on what you’re thinking about, this until they finish talking.

Listen to them, and decipher what they’re meaning. Extract the feeling in what they’re attempting to express to you.

Listen to their story, feel fortunate that they’ve chosen you to tell their sorrows, victories, or angst. Be grateful once someone decides that you’re worthy of their great reveal.

When You’re Recharging
At times, we all find ourselves in a rut. So if you’re finding it difficult to get yourself out of bed today, then stay there for a few moments.

Give yourself a few days to reflect deeply on your feelings and your intentions, and then find the solutions. Make a pact with yourself that you’ll settle on finding happiness.

Use this downtime to set motives, begin small by making the bed, doing the laundry, eating a healthy breakfast. Take baby steps, set small goals, then bigger ones, and act on them.

To Collect Experiences
Collecting memorable experiences in life are infinitely better than collecting money. So if there’s something that will bring you closer to your dreams, then pursue it.

If the particular experience brings you pleasure, then categorize and remember the experience, as it will reward you somehow down the road.


Let Things Go
Learn to accept that some things are no longer serving you that well. Then have the courage to flush them out of your life. All friends and things included.

If someone constantly puts you down or abuses you, then pack theirs or your bags, and physically and emotionally get them out of your life. There’s no second chances, when valuing your self-worth.

Then there are those who are never there for you. That doesn’t mean that they don’t care. People have their own lives that they need to tend to first, and the same goes for you.

Do What You Love To Do
Listen to music, dance, exercise, then feel that activity rattle your bones. Feel how every fiber of your body gets invigorated. Doing so naturally boosts your serotonin levels, which is the tonic to life’s ailments.

Go out and embrace the beauty of nature. When you’re wanting to be alone with your thoughts, nature will provide you with the relief from your daily stresses. So take a walk or go for a run.

To Generate Confidence
If at times you lack confidence, then physically adopt the power pose. Begin by stretching out your arms while standing with your legs spread out. Feel the confidence grow as you shout out your mantra.

Be confident but not arrogant. The circumstances are yours to embrace, this for the next journey of your life. So just do it, but never spoil or soil it.

Do Things Alone
What traveling across town or around the country alone does, is it broadens the mind while illuminating the soul. So if possible, go on a fact finding mission.

Taste the history, savor the culture of the environment. The world is open and at your grasp for you to capture. Traveling is one of the greatest rewards of our time.

Love Yourself First
Love who you are, your body, and realize it’s a work in progress. Consider it a gift to be alive at this time and place in this world and universe.

Be mindful of your surroundings. Love the food you’re eating, the aroma in the air. Feel what’s enveloping you, then listen to what your instincts and emotions are telling you.

Just let yourself go, practice being free, don’t think. Once you release all of the negative energy, then you’re creating new space for positive ones.