The Mystery Of The Human Aura Scientifically Defined

You may suddenly feel uncomfortable when in a crowded room and not know why. You don’t instantly like a perceived villain on TV yet a word is spoken. You suddenly feel your personal space is being violated once someone nears you.

There are certain people, complete strangers who you are instantly attracted to. Such as a photo of someone you see on Facebook, someone you don’t know but you immediately like them.

These subconscious reactions are the cause and effect which is triggered by the human aura. That invisible band.

The invisible radiance which is emitted by someone, who’s intruding on your personal space.

Is It The Sixth Sense

This invisible band, this unseen glow around another human is the reason why you’ll suddenly feel uneasy, uncertain, uncomfortable in the presence of them.

Yet they may be a complete stranger, and you’ve never seen them before in your life.

There’s a reason why your nerves get on edge as you enter a room for the first time, and sense something isn’t quite right.

It’s been proven that the human aura does exist and we all have one.

It’s an invisible electro-magnetic field that radiates and projects us, like feelers.

What we do is give off electrical energy, while also absorbing back magnetic energy.

Feeling The Aura

For those who are extremely sensitive, they can feel this force of energy in a room full of strangers.

They feel vibes off those who they may know or who are complete strangers, this once the various energies combine.

What’s known is there are positive and negative energy forms, that’s being continuously inter charged between all lifeforms.

All this is also invisible to the untrained naked eye.

The aura is an extension of our human energy, which could be extremely strong and projecting, or it can be weak and fading.

It’s known to be extremely bright cheerful and colorful, or dull dense and aloof.


This invisible band of energy will follow us wherever we go, which can be sensed by everyone.

It’s also thought that every living entity on this planet which has energy, such as trees, plants, animals, all emit an aura.

The Various Layers Of The Aura

Some claim that there’s up to seven layers of the aura which can be felt but not seen.

The first three being the most visible to sense by the human perception.

An aura can usually be seen with ones trained eyes wide open, psychically with the eyes closed, the best conditions under a soft light.

You can see what your own aura looks like, through a mirror when standing against a light colored background with dim lighting.

Begin by focusing at and beyond an object while not directly looking at it.

Your aura can also be observed around the hands while stationed between the shoulders, neck or the head area.

Those who are able to see auras, will mostly observe the mental as well as the planes or ether layers.

These are the visible and colorful layers that the aura projects.

Knowing The Physical Aura

What’s situated closest to the body is one’s physical aura.

What it does is represents the body’s physical growth, strengths and weaknesses, and its physical sensations which may be pleasant or unpleasant.

This band of energy is extremely strong and more visible in athletes or celebrities, or those individuals who are thought to be more in touch with themselves.

What they radiate is extremely high bright energy, and emitted by someone who enjoys life to its fullest.

The Emotional And Mental Aura

The energy which moves away from the body is what’s considered the secondary layer.

What this reflects is the individuals emotional moods along with how they feel mentally.

This is what someone is currently feeling, what their current mood is about at any given time.

If any blockage occurs in this area, what that does is it will slow down or disrupt the flow of this energy level.

This part of the aura is also thought to be interchangeable, while fluctuating throughout the day.

What this depends on is the emotional and mental stimulation one feels.

The Spiritual Aura

This layer reflects the energy of ones spirit as well as its development.

The color of this particular level is considered the most distant.

Mental sluggishness will usually appear at this level.

Any and all negative thoughts which are accumulated over a period of time, will show up as well.

It’s believed that hues of yellow are the most predominant color at this level.

Reading And Reacting To The Aura

To the trained or sensitive eye, these various levels can be read separately as well as in conjunction with one other.

The various colors however are not physically separated by a distinct line or by a space between them.

What they’ll do is appear to change or fuse into one another.

One particular color for instance, may at times be more dominant than the others.

As one begins to develop the ability to read auras, viable information can then be detected and derived from the different levels.

Realize that all living things are always constantly changing, as does its energy fields.

As we develop, as we solve our issues and problems, as we work through any inhibiting blocks, what we’re doing is balancing our energy.

Practice Makes Perfect

When attempting to read an aura, never stop once you sense the various colors. Recognizing them is just the beginning of the process of reading auras.

Begin by verbalizing what you see.

Doing so not only defines what you see, but also enhances the flow of your intuition, while helping with an insightful reading.

You could possibly see one color, or a combination of colors thereof.

The colors may also grow brighter or stronger as the reading progresses.

What you need is to rely on your ability to be able to interpret responsibly, using a clear mind on what you see or sense.

Once individuals become comfortable with one another, what their aura tends to do is compliment and blend with one other in an attractive manner.

Thus chemistry is formed.

Detecting, learning and analyzing auras, is thought to help you raise your own intuitive faculties.

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