The Miracle Of Life That Happens Once You Begin To Dream Big

how to live a fulfilling lifeIf you don’t bother to dream big, then what you get back in return are minor things, small changes, insignificant returns. The truth being that most fear, are scared of reaching their fullest potential. For the majority of people, wanting to survive just another day is what primarily consumes them.

Earning just enough money to get by, feed themselves and paying the bills is what occupies them. Then near the end, when their life is about to expire, they don’t find any meaning in their lives, they’re not happy and wonder, what if.

What’s wrong with that you ask, what’s wrong with having a job, a steady income, a comfortable lifestyle, an adoring spouse, the 2 kids. Realize that achieving a life of fulfillment isn’t about just squeaking by.

What most fail to see is that the purpose of everyone’s life, this provided that they’re capable and healthy, should be maximizing it, using it all up. A purpose which should make a life worth living.

Doing so frees the mind which releases the binds of meaningless routine work, giving optimism and a brighter future to look forward to. Tomorrow then becomes a brighter new day.

Realizing Your Purpose
We’re all unique, our desires, personalities, and our singular life callings are all different. We all have this innate potential for greatness which lies dormant within us.

This until we discover, uncover, and then nurture it. To release this potential, you’ll need a basic idea of what it is. You’ll need to see the big picture of your life, and then clearly imagine it in your mind.

This distinct vision gives you a destination, but won’t offer you a way to get there. What’s important is being able to see this mind picture as that’s the first step to realizing your life’s purpose. So you wonder how you get this vision?

Dream As Big As You Can
Take some time off for some solo introspection, perhaps reserve a weekend for some personal me time. Get away from all the distractions and allow your mind to get lost, to endlessly flow.

While relaxing, reflect on the past. Begin when you were young and realize what your dreams were as a child. What was it that you always wanted to become, and remember that.

Then progress through to your present moment of time and note how much of your dreams have been fulfilled, changed. Feel out for the dream which most inspires you, which completes you with wonderment and hunger. This is the dream that’s calling.

Keep A Journal
What time does is it distorts memory. You can chronicle your life objectively by keeping a journal. Doing so creates a mind map of the big picture of your life, as it begins to unfold daily.

Write down your thoughts before going to sleep. Take notes on how your day went, look forward to tomorrow, and in the morning, write down what you dreamt about.

Steadily collect your innermost thoughts, track your progress throughout your life, see if there’s any significant changes which have occurred. Are they for better or worse.

The Pictures Of Your Life Unfolding – Take a lot of photos, selfies, of your friends, the places you visited, the events you’ve attended. What images does is they’ll instantly flash your mind back to those vivid times of your life when they happened. So compile a visual storybook in journal form.

Try A Numerological Analysis – Numerology has always been an excellent source of alternate insight when it comes to abstracting your purpose in life. The calculations which are based on your birth path, name, and destiny number analysis can uncover your true life’s purpose.

Try A Personality Test – If you can, take a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test. Then research the 16 known MBTI personalities, and how each of the personality types can build more wisdom. health, and wealth in your life, this by using their own unique characteristics.


Invest More Time In Yourself
As you begin to explore these various methods of discovery, store them in a life purpose folder. This could also be a section in your journal. Compile everything about your true destiny in life.

Write out a vision statement. List out your life goals, as well as creating a list of things you enjoy doing. Then start thinking about how you can begin making a living from what you enjoy doing.

Once a month, review your list which should reset you of what your overall goals are, your desires and aspirations. Eventually, what your life’s purpose is will become clearer to you.

Never stop, continue to collect more insights in the new paths that you weave. Add all of the various readings from your personality tests, and what you dream about the most. What all this provides is a greater clarity and a vision in what you want to do in your life.

Visualizing Your Life Purpose
Once you begin forming an idea of what your life purpose is, what your passions are, then begin working towards them. Even if it’s just a small step, as that experience will teach you something.

Your experience will eventually tell you whether it’s a true life purpose or not. Does it ignite the fire, the passion in you. You need to take action by trying out these dreams to see if it fits in your life.

Think of a job or a cause that you can volunteer for, or a project you can start. By exploring now, what you’re giving yourself is the opportunity to experience living out your life as intended.

As you grow older, you’re going to look back to see what you’ve accomplished, the legacy that you may leave behind. Your happiest grandest moments and your greatest achievements.

Never deceive yourself or anyone else, even if it’s a joke. What you want to be able to say is, “Yes, I lived a great life. I’m completely grateful for everything that life has given me,” and no, you won’t get out alive.

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