The Magical Curing Effects That Common Baking Soda Provides

the many uses of baking sodaWhat we’re most familiar with when it comes to baking soda is well, baking, as it’s an essential ingredient in cakes and bread. But the true value of baking soda is found to be far beyond that. It’s a naturally occurring and common household chemical known as sodium bicarbonate, and it serves various at times miraculous functions.

The versatility of baking soda has a long history as it’s been the secret ingredient used by homemakers for decades, this to solve various functions ranging from cleaning, deodorizing, to comforting aches and pains.

There are reports that baking soda has been used as a medicinal aid going back a century. Despite its popularity, most don’t realize the real purpose behind its versatility.

Baking soda is known for its antacid effects, helping to neutralize the active stomach acids which can cause heartburn and acid ingestion. It acts as an anti-itch agent once mixed into bath water, while sunburn sufferers realizes an instant reduction in pain once applied. Those who may have certain skin allergies will find their condition less irritating.

Baking Soda As A Medical Cure
Lactic acid is a waste product of fungus and mold, which survives in environments which has low concentrations of oxygen. Once higher concentrations of oxygen molecules are introduced, the disease stricken cells will diminish.

But most resist the thought that something this common and inexpensive as everyday baking soda, can have the same or better results than the most expensive medication on the market.

There’s compelling evidence which supports the multitude of theories that baking soda should be the primary treatment for a wide range of diseases, including diabetes.

Sodium bicarbonate consists of a compound which has been widely used for decades, such as being administered for preventing further damage to the kidneys from toxicity of radiation.

Bicarbonate ions are used in drinking water by millions of people worldwide for the purpose of preventing or the treatment of clinical acidosis, and other similar conditions, this particularly in clinics and hospitals.

Once baking soda is combined with other basic natural substances such as magnesium chloride and iodine, the results, some consider are miracle cures.

Maintaining pH Value
Baking soda can play an important role in maintaining the ideal pH level. Our modern day diets of usually poor food consumption results in tipping the pH levels toward acidic.

This imbalance of pH interferes with the cellular activities and its functions, especially once the pH levels decrease. Extremely high acidic pH levels leads to the deterioration of the cells, which can end in serious health issues.

The fact remains that all biological lifeforms function better when in a non-acidic alkaline state, which supports the usefulness of baking soda.

The Curing Role That Baking Soda Plays
Sodium bicarbonate is known to be able to transport oxygen, dilate blood vessels, as well as release oxygen into the tissues, all leading towards a better balance in the pH levels.

It’s known that uric acid can cause diabetes, kidney stones, heart disease, and gout, which is also known to create a toxic compound known as alcosan, which is a byproduct of a fungi which creates diabetes cells.

Oral administration of baking soda is known to prevent infection, arthritis, and fever, while assisting in improved function of the pancreas, which is responsible for the production of insulin.

Regardless of the potential of curing diseases, once baking soda is mixed with magnesium chloride, their combined action is known to effectively remove toxins and acids from the cells, organs, and tissues of the body.


Baking Soda For Common Uses
Uses of baking soda around the household include:

• It’s the primary ingredient in the brand Alka Seltzer. To reduce costs, try 1/2 teaspoon baking soda and add to 1/2 cup of warm water to relieve indigestion and heartburn
• Adding 1/2 cup of baking soda to your bath water reduces the itch from psoriasis
• A paste made of baking soda and water relieves sunburn, bee and bug bites, and other allergic rashes
• Works as an effective underarm deodorant by applying its liquid paste form under the arms and on the feet for all day natural protection from odor
• It’s a common ingredient used in toothpaste and mouthwashes which aides in removing plaque from teeth
• It’s thought to enhance an athlete’s performance by reducing lactic acid during excessive exercise periods. What it does is it delays the fatigue from the over worked muscles by adding stamina, adding strength during a strenuous work-out

Additional Uses Of Baking Soda For Natural Healing
What the latest results of the healing properties of baking soda shows is it can be effective in the treatment of kidney disease. It acts as an alkaline agent which buffers the acidosis which is common in diabetic neuropathy.

Once an alkaline environment is introduced, the acidity levels in the tumor drops, reducing its evasiveness. Researchers have reported that a diet that’s based on plant based alkaline foods will also have a better outcome in treatment.

It’s recommended that these cure protocols requires a practitioner to oversee this type of alternative care, so it’s not considered a do it yourself from home type of self care administration. It’s instructed to never apply your own treatments, so speak with your doctor first, this to obtain the best and safest results.

Baking soda is proving to be a lot more beneficial than just a baking ingredient or a cleansing agent. There are a variety of uses for it which supports for better health.

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