The Lurking Dangers That An Instant Detox Has On Your Health

why sudden detoxes and diets are not recommendedThe odds are good that you’ll eventually give in to one of the many media induced weight loss solutions such as: a fad diet, weight loss pill, or an instant detox solution, which usually promises to completely clean out your system resulting in amazing weight loss.

These latest cleanses on the market, the various detoxes will usually be endorsed by someone who appears to use it. What they’ll do is influence you to grab your credit card and purchase one of these solutions, which usually hasn’t been tested or certified.

The majority of people will detoxify because of the hopes they’ll effortlessly flush their bodies of the sludge accumulation in their system, along with the unwanted chemical toxin buildup which is caused by consuming poor processed food.

The biggest issue with these solutions is the actual shock and sudden lack of calories on the body, while completely sucking out your energy, which as a result leaves you malnourished and in starvation mode.

While the theory of the less that you eat, the more weight you’ll lose does have technical merit, what you’re doing however is depriving your body of the much needed nourishment in exchange of this sudden weight loss. This then becomes dangerous to your health.

The Real Present Danger Of Any Detox Or Diet Program

The Deterioration Of Muscles
What restricting nourishment results in if continued over a period of time is it eventually makes your body think that it’s starving, this similar to if you were in a famine state.

So what your body is programmed to do is it begins to preserve fat cells, this by removing calories and energy directly from your lean muscle tissue, this in order for it to function properly.

As the chemicals in the body continues to eat away at your muscles, your metabolism then begins to slow down, which makes it even harder for you to burn calories once you begin eating again.

The Stripping Away Of Vital Vitamins
Once you begin using a basic detox which is usually a water or fruit infused essence, what the body continues to do is burn energy without the proper foods to replenish itself.

Then what occurs is that it sucks away all of the existing essential vitamins and nutrients in the body, which can become dangerous especially if the cleansing lasts more than a week.

The lack of these vitamins as a result can cause headaches, muscle weakness, memory loss, irritability, and eyesight issues, while leaving the body open to infection.

Your Hair Begins To Thin Out
Once you deprive yourself of the required essential vitamins and minerals, doing so causes your hair to thin out, forcing it to become limp, brittle, and dehydrated, which eventually falls out.

What a healthy diet does is it plays a huge role when it comes to the cycle of hair growth. So the lack of deprived nutrients not only causes the hair to grow slower, but it also stops new hair from replacing the lost hair.

The Immune System Gets Weakened
Once your body begins to grow accustomed to the depletion of vitamins and calorie storage, it will then begin to naturally shut down certain bodily functions, including the immune system. What this does is it forces the body to invite external viruses and bacteria, infections and illness.

Pain In The Digestive And Abdominal Area
The usual liquid detoxes don’t bother factoring in enough: protein, zinc, vitamins A and B, which often results in dehydration, pain in the intestinal lining, and abdominal swelling.

What these particular nutrients does is they help in coating the intestines to make bowel movements solid, smooth, and more comfortable. So the lack of them can make digestion painful as well as dysfunctional.

Palpitations Of The Heart
These quick fix detoxes and crash diets usually limits sudden caloric intake, which often results in an irregular heart beat, this due to dangerous electrolyte imbalances.


These electrolytes are responsible for powering nerve as well as muscle functions in the body, which often causes heart related issues such as arrhythmia once the levels become depleted over time.

The Health Of Your Skin
In addition to losing glorious thick and shiny locks of hair, what starving your body by using instant detoxes does is they’ll deplete all of the nutrients in the skin.

Then those unwanted bouts of acne or other related skin diseases will suddenly crop up, usually at the most inopportune times. The skin becomes dehydrated, pasty, flaky, and void of healthy plump and color. This because of the severe deficiency of specifically vitamins A and E.

Then The Gallstones
What any sudden alteration in one’s diet which limits the intake of the essential vitamins does is potentially leaves the body prone to gallstones.

This usually occurs during periods of rapid weight loss from sudden detoxing or fasting, which naturally forces the body to excrete extra cholesterol, which then produces bile, the end result being gallstones.

May Lead Towards Anemia
What restrictive calorie diets does is they’ll deplete iron from the body which can lead to anemia, which is a serious deficiency of red blood cells in the blood. The reason being that these diets will usually exclude iron rich foods such as: lean red meat, legumes, nuts, yogurt, etc.

Can Promote Mood Disorders
What generally happens once you begin to miss a few wholesome meals is it’ll cause you to become irritable and moody, putting you into a downright bad disposition.

One of the biggest downfalls of these sudden detox diets does is they’ll promote low blood sugar, which causes mild depression symptoms if continued for an extended period of time.

The lack of the essential nutrients such as folic acid and vitamin B12 in the body often results in low energy along with feelings of melancholy.

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