The Latest Greatest Keys To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

the traits of the most successful entrepreneurYou’re wanting to strike it out on your own, ditch the working for a living, that 9 to 5 routine, and go out and become an entrepreneur. You want to run your own business or concern, carve out your own way of making a living.

It’s a difficult thing to do as you’ll need certain attributes which are associated with self employment. There are a few identifiable factors which all of the most successful of entrepreneurs have in common.

This since there’s the strong need to continuously tweak one’s strategy which becomes tempting, along with certain other mistakes which become common. This is what separates the average performer from the elite, the superstars.

The biggest key has been identified as proper planning. Making a plan beforehand and then having the discipline and the ability to stick with it under all conditions, to execute it on a daily basis to its very end.

Once the plan is concise and everyone involved is on the same page, then the enterprise can begin to move as one entity in the same direction. The best of the best know this, and the reason for their continued success under any market conditions.

Make Sure You Have Competent People
Every employee in your company should have some type of a performance scorecard or report card. It doesn’t need to be ultra advanced or highly technical.

Each employee or whomever you outsource should be aware of this, that they’re performance is being tracked. Everyone should know that when they take any type of action, that it’s measured and how they perform will change their “number” up or down on their scorecard.

The biggest issue when it comes to competence is their accountability. What everyone needs to be is more specific than they most likely are. Even the most simplest of common sense directions can be misunderstood. Although the steps appear clear, the end result are never always the same.

Even what you say, the exact words that you speak usually needs to be more specific, like once you say to a customer, “I’ll be right with you,” it should instead by more detailed, such as, “I’ll get right back to you once I finish this phone call, or right after my meeting” etc. Being specific and precisely detailed needs to become a habit.

Be Completely Focused On The Plan
This is pinpointed as one of the most difficult concepts to grasp for any new entrepreneur. They’ll usually begin doing one thing, and then once a client asks for something, or they find something new on the Internet, they’ll quickly get distracted and begin going all over the map. They lose their original focus.

So what needs to be done is to find the focus to do one singular thing at a time, and then completely finish it in its entirety. Once you get it done, then what that means is you’re making positive progress regardless of what else happens.

Not everything that you do on a daily basis has equal value. So choose what’s the most important for that day, for that minute, and then identify it. Have a macro plan of accomplishment with complete clarity and then get it done either by yourself or with your team.

A strict plan for the day, or hour, is needed because there’s always a filter which exists between what you think, between your conscious and your subconscious mind, which decides and brings forward what you need to do at that moment.

Once you’ve decided what that singular “thing” is that’s the most important, then don’t keep it a secret, write it down or tell others. Talk about it and make a plan to get it done, without getting distracted or discouraged.

It’s not always what you get back, but more of what you put into the universe. It all begins with a completely focused dedication on the “thing” which encourages your brain to take advantage of the opportunity.

Show Your Complete Passion
This identified as the reason why the most successful of entrepreneurs will thrive, and that’s the passion that they have for whatever they’re doing. This is the key reason why you do it, and the most important thing that you can tell yourself on a daily basis. This is the motivator.

Doing certain rituals are also the key which usually ignites this passion. For this reason, every company has rituals, a mission statement, this whether the management, proprietors, or employees realizes it or not.


A few of the simpler ones, the tells, include what time the management or employees come to work, and what time they leave. Are there a few who are consistently a few minutes late, or leave 5 minutes early, there’s one in every crowd, and it throws everyone off track.

Others rituals of habit includes who eats their lunch with whom. Or during coffee breaks or during water cooler talk, or at the weekly meetings, who converses with who.

For leaders, the goal is to always use rituals to build a bridge between what needs to be done today, and building upon it for a brighter tomorrow. There’s also no purpose of setting up and doing these rituals just for rituals’ sake, this since they serve no purpose.

What everyone needs to do is understand the difference that they’re making to the concern. They need to realize how they can improve themselves, and know exactly what their role is.

They need to know how and why they exist in the company wheel when it comes to the overall scheme of things. So the “why” question becomes a lot more important and difficult to answer than the “what.”

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