The Biggest Blunder To Error In Business Is To Hesitate

never hesitateHesitation, this when it comes to your business efforts, can mean the difference between making a sale or walking away empty handed. Consider when you procrastinate, think of the opportunities that are passing you by, slipping out of your hands.

Timing is everything. You should hate to be late. It’s proven the early bird gets the worm. Hesitation is watching the world flash by. It can mean making money today or struggling another day. Success depends on how fast you process information, to take action.

Your response time can be a critical factor when you’re attempting to market your goods, attempting to stay on top of the latest trends in a swift moving market, that’s already most likely saturated.

It becomes critical that you examine the areas where you’re hesitating, stalling, procrastinating, and then think about what opportunities that you’re missing, this because you allowed yourself to skip that opportunity.

Always Be Closing
Your number one responsibility when marketing is to sell yourself. The word “sell” however, to many conjures up unpleasant thoughts. As if you’re violating who you are into the territory of someone else.

So the next time you meet someone, adopt the attitude of having a conversation about who you are, and what is it that you do. Don’t pass up the opportunity to promote yourself or your business.

Still Working On That Website
Some will just get caught up, become overwhelmed by the technology of doing business. They’ll begin procrastinating when they become afraid, so they just put off working on their site or their online marketing plan for another day.

It becomes important to maintaining visibility online, even if it’s just on social media. A website is now a requirement and the most inexpensive way of projecting your presence.

Opportunity Passing You By
It’s remarkable how many opportunities you’re presented with on a daily basis. You see them and then you let them go when you hesitate. Procrastination forces you to not take advantage of them.

With just a few minutes of following through, usually at little cost or effort, you can create and complete these promotional situations to get your message out.

Incomplete Projects
How many projects do you start and then abandon. This is one of the biggest self-sabotage actions that many commit. How many projects have you began, but got distracted and then moved on to something else.

Instead, adopt the attitude of finishing everything that you start. It’s refreshing to follow through on something to its completion. If it turns out to be blatantly bad, then at least you can learn from it.

If you don’t like what the final outcome is, you might be able to salvage the project somehow for another use, such as publishing those articles elsewhere or by giving away that e-book.

Make Decisions Now
Making decisions in a timely manner is something that most struggle with. A concern being that they might be wasting their time, or not taking the time to think things through properly.

We may not have enough data, or we’re not comfortable with what we have. We just don’t want to make the wrong decision. It’s easy to become distracted, sidetracked, which keeps us hesitating when it comes to making decisions.

Hesitation when it comes to business translates into lost revenue. While there isn’t a magic formula on when or how to make a decision on something, there’s also no point thinking too long about it.

Inaction will get you nowhere but discouragement. Even if you make a decision that you might not like, taking action and then pushing forward will give you immediate feedback.


You’ll then learn something new which allows you to correct the error and do it again. Taking action allows success to come to you a lot quicker.

Putting Things Off
Procrastination is hesitation at its best. When you consciously put things off, you’re stopping the flow on everything. If things don’t flow, don’t expect any new business to show up.

If there are tasks that you don’t enjoy doing, delegate or outsource them out. If you are a solopreneur, then hire a virtual assistant to handle the drudge work for you.

If you’re not progressing along with your business ideas or projects, consider forming a partnership or an alliance with someone else, as doing so can serve to motivate both of you.

Not Following Through
Similar to not completing projects, developing a habit of not following through can bring disastrous consequences. This the reason why it’s said that “You only get one opportunity to make a good first impression.”

A client might have a good impression of you or your business at the beginning, but if you can’t maintain a consistent level of attention or service to them, your standards falter, then the relationship becomes fractured.

Whether it’s promptly returning phone calls or emails, or delivering a product or service on time, make sure that you always complete these tasks efficiently.

Breaking Promises
Our word becomes who we are. When you tell someone that you’re going to do something, it becomes extremely important that you follow through and keep your word.

The first time that you break any type of promise, this depending on its severity, it can be the last time that you’ll do business with them. If you find keeping promises difficult, then delegate them out.

Also, at times, breaking a promise becomes necessary when a client begins making outstanding demands which are outside of the scope of the original agreement or reason. In these cases, it becomes protecting the integrity of you and your business.

Overall, keeping your word, your promise becomes critical to your success, as well as those promises that you make to yourself.

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