Taking Advantage Of The Next Evolution In Mobile Technology

how mobiles and mobile apps are expected to revolutionizeMobile technology and mobile apps are completely revolutionizing the wheels of the tech industry. The over 5 billion mobiles which are now active around the world who rely on these portable devices can’t be wrong.

As a result, the once heavy traffic which was dominated by the traditional desktop websites are now on the decline, while mobile traffic is exponentially escalating.

The next big phase in technology has arrived as everything is pointing towards mobile, mobile apps, and social media. These facets are completely altering every area of our lives, as well as dictating how we should be operating our online businesses.

So the biggest question that you may be facing is how in this ever constantly evolving technology, can your traditional online business remain relevant.

What all of the mobile devices, along with their value added technology is doing is completely changing how consumers think, and when combined with cloud computing, the transformation is near complete.

So much so that the issues aren’t about the technology swap itself, but it’s knowing and fracturing how the users are using and adopting this new movement.

With anything that’s mobile, what that does is it opens up the path towards the next Web wave, while the traditional stagnant online business models are becoming a thing of the past.

Riding The Mobile Trend
The trend is definitely mobile, and it’s been developing for a while with no signs of slowing down. Combine that with social media, and that’s where you’ll find the majority of your customers.

They are interacting among each other using their mobiles being the biggest trend, making your corporate website pretty much obsolete. The new wave functional mobile apps are making these websites less of a factor on how they now conduct business and spend their money.

The biggest winners in this Web 3.0 movement will be the alert savvy entrepreneurs, the online marketers, who are finding ways on how to effectively monetize mobile.

So you jumping in head first isn’t about completely adopting a new technology, but it’s more about considering how your customers are using these specific technologies, so they can better their lives. The very next step in your evolution may be deciding how you can fit yourself into this mindset of this new virtual ecosystem.

Jumping Ahead Of The Curve
For instance, its been long known that “the money is in the list,” as in a responsive email list. The list of your clients, customers, and prospects, who are interested in your goods, services, or concern.

But if you’re still relying on strictly e-mail marketing to reach them, and although it may still be effective, you should also know that the majority of those who use mobile technology are gravitating towards texting, or using FaceTime, for instance.

So if you’re using e-mail marketing to direct them to your large bulking website, know that you may now be a few notches behind, which is massive when it comes to Internet marketing.

The Future Of Mobile Apps
It’s predicted that companies will need to offer service related apps which caters specifically to their customers and prospects. Businesses may also need to use 3rd party apps in order to attract and target these customers.

The next phase in mobile app development isn’t expected to be the specialized proprietary ones which are created and caters to their customers. Although this area is expected to be rich in revenue, a bigger revenue generating app model is expected to be “process apps.”

What these process apps do is help someone, say a mobile user new in New York City, to easily get a taxi, or a hotel, or find the closest Italian Restaurant which is highly recommended.


Using these next generation mobile apps, the user will be able to read reviews and testimonials on how efficient a particular dentist is, or decide which remote island to go on their next vacation.

Third Party Mobile Apps
All of these functional 3rd party mobile apps which has a purpose are expected to offer entrepreneurs and online marketers exciting new opportunities.

For instance, beyond the initial exposure, if you operate an actual “brick and mortar” storefront with a street address, you can consider developing or using an app which offers the following type of service to attract new customers.

You can display your latest products, or offer instant discount rebate coupons, and then “push” them on the user’s mobile device screen when they’re walking past, or are near your store.

Readying Yourself For The Next Generation Apps
What you need to do is prepare yourself for the next generation of functional apps which are on the horizon. So how can you make sure you’re ready for these apps?
Mobile experts offer the following tips:

• Make sure that you create or use 3rd party apps which somehow facilitates a process, and makes it easier for your customer or prospects to do a specific task quicker. This could be something service related, which compliments your product, service, or concern, but isn’t a direct sales message
• It’s not recommended that you develop apps and place blatant ads or links on them which points back to your site. Instead, offer something of value which your customers can appreciate
• When developing apps, never create them strictly for wanting to sell the end user something. Create them so that the customer will want to buy it

Stepping Into Mobile
Regardless of what type of business you’re involved in, mobile technology and mobile apps are completely dictating the rules. They’re completely changing the impact that your traditional site once had, and will more that likely replace it completely.

Mobile is about to alter the way that you operate, market, and manage your business, but also expect a few bumpy roadblocks along the way. They’re also poised to create extremely lucrative opportunities for you as an entrepreneur, the one’s who decide to embrace the challenge. The first step is accepting it and then plunging in.

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