Take The Wheel Of Life Quiz To Find How Successful You Are

wheel-of-lifeThe wheel of life, is a life map quiz that you can take, which will reveal how successful your current overall life is. How much you’ve accomplished, what state of mind you’re at, this as a measurement on living a complete life. What the assessment does is reveals your present life, mentally and physically.

If you don’t happen to score high in a particular area, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve failed, but it’s more of an indicator. What it tells you is that particular area of your life may need some attention. The more important question is why it needs work. The final calculation reveals your current state of life.

What’s recommended is the wheel of life quiz be taken at least twice a year. The areas that are covered, are the 8 major areas which influences your life. What’s known is that it takes a few weeks to make any significant change, in an area that you’re attempting to improve.

The areas which are covered in the wheel of life are: Family, Mental, Physical, Financial, Career, Social, Recreational, and Spiritual. What each area has are their own guidelines, this before you rate your final score.

Score Yourself From 1 to 10
After you have the wheel of life in front of you, then begin at the top of the list, and score yourself as honestly and precisely as possible, while taking into account the guidelines of the topic.

A score of 10 means that you’ve reached all of your goals in that particular area of life, that you’re completely satisfied with where you are in that area.

A score of 0 means you’ve completely neglected that particular area of your life, and need to take some immediate action, this to fix the imbalance.

Don’t bother spending too much time analyzing each area deeply, but instead use your immediate gut feeling. Work in a clockwise direction when scoring yourself.

The Wheel Of Life

1. Family:
Spouse Children

Are you happy at home. Are you close and transparent with your family. If you’re single, then use your parents and siblings, or significant partner as family. Relationships with immediate friends and strangers, or any extended family falls into this category, but are not as important. Rate yourself as a good parent, husband, wife, neighbor.

2. Mental:
Problem solving, Creativity, Personal development, Inventions, Innovations

The human brain is the most creative developed entity in the universe. Know how you’re feeding it. Are you constantly growing, how disciplined are you towards the laws of personal growth and development.

3. Physical:
Health, Fitness, Eating habits. Weight, Grooming

Your physical body is the key to your success. You can’t ignore it. How poorly you treat it, determines how difficult it becomes to sustain the energy that’s needed to become successful, and reach your goals. Do you religiously exercise, eat healthy food, dress well, and within your ideal body weight. Are you constantly harming the cells in your body through smoking, alcohol, etc.

4. Financial:
Wealth accumulation, Money, Lifestyle

How much are you earning and how much of it are you able to save. Are you earning residual income. Is your income growing. If your income stopped today, how long are you able to maintain your current lifestyle. Do you have enough savings to realize your dreams.

5. Career:
Occupation, Business. Purpose, Goals, Vision, Hobbies

At what trajectory are you headed. Are you doing what you were intended to do. Do you love your job or business. Do you have plans on improving. Do you know your next career step. Is this career allowing you to reach your goals.

6. Social:
Environment, Community, Giving, Volunteering

How much do you give back. Do you support others who are in need financially, or do you horde. How often do you do charitable or volunteer work. Do you use your experience or expertise to help and benefit others. Do you help those who are less fortunate than yourself. How are you caring for your environment. What type of difference are you making in your community.

7. Recreational:
Leisure time, Rest, Relaxation, Recuperation

When was the last time you went away to just recuperate and do nothing. Taking time out is extremely important to re-energize, to recharge your batteries. What steps are you taking to restore balance in your life.

8. Spiritual:
Meditation, Faith, Relationships

You don’t need to be religious to know there’s a creator. Do you know and understand your purpose. Are you grateful. Are you fearful or faithful. How often do you meditate. Spirituality is an important cog in the wheel. We’re all spiritual entities, as it’s belief in yourself. Believing that there’s a stronger entity in the universe that controls you. Call it fate. Those scoring low in this area, has their work cut out for them.

large wheel-of-life
The key becomes honestly scoring yourself by measuring where you are, and where you want to be. The intent isn’t scoring yourself in relation to others. Their position in life has no relevance to you or your success. Know that there are variations in the order of the wheel of life.


Honestly Assessing Your Score
The steps which follows, will show how you can go about achieving ultimate balance in your life. Calculate your average score, this by adding all eight scores, and then dividing the total by eight. For instance: (5+5+7+4+4+7+3+3)/8 – 38/8 = 4.75.

Draw a circle in the dotted lines which represents your average score. 4.75. The areas where the score falls below this average, are the areas which requires work and your immediate attention. Your first goal is raising these scores to equal the average score of 4.75.

Once you’ve successfully raised your low scores to the average score, then you’re ready to take the next step, this towards living a more complete life.

Draw a circle which marks the score of your best performing area, which in this case is 7. All areas which falls below this, needs to be raised to that point, in order to achieve balance.

Then begin to strengthen all of these areas in your life which falls below the high score, this to reach a balanced wheel and a completely fulfilled life.