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how innovative do you consider yourself to beThose are the special individuals among us who are the innovators in life, who are a step ahead of the curve, the general public, their peers and their competition. This gift however is something that’s difficult to gauge.

As with any thing else when it comes to competence, our own self views will rarely align the same with others opinion of us. This primarily because we generally think that we’re actually more creative, or smarter than we actually are.

It rarely amounts to anything once we need to rely on the thoughts of others. For instance, those who are “critics” will constantly disagree regarding the aesthetics of, for instance, a certain movie or a painting, and if they ever do agree, they’ll rarely digress towards conventional mainstream thinking.

When it comes to education, traditionally, students are usually rewarded or praised by they doing or performing what’s expected from them and excelling, provided it’s within the framework. The executive schools, however, the outstanding institutions will instead reward their students for displaying unconventional methods of thinking.

When it comes to the business world, there are a select few organizations who will tolerate brilliance, experimentation, or intuitive decision making from their staff, this as it may interfere with their mission statement or profit line.

Although most companies will claim that they are innovate, the majority of the employees are paid to be predictable and just do their assigned work, do whatever their managers tell them to do, which minimizes risk.

One paradox which underlies the fate of the majority of businesses is that innovation generally leads to growth, but growth usually hinders any type of innovation.


Are You An Innovator And Think Out Of The Box
So how do you realize if you yourself are innovative. While we all have the ability and the potential to be creative, some are much more likely to go beyond the barrier and be more innovative than others.

This depends on one’s attitude, their personality, and the values which the corporate, or educational bodies considers the norm. So research has been applied to this area when it comes to the correlation of individual differences when it comes to innovation.

There are a few distinct signs which indicates the potential of one being innovative. Realize if they apply to you.

How Innovative Are You
The Ability To Multi-Task – It’s generally regarded that the human brain is actually not able to multi-task. Recent tests however has shown that those who are extremely creative, tends to show higher levels of increased memory retention when it comes to short-term activities.

This includes exercises such as being able to remember an 8 digit number, or remembering a specific address for a few moments. It comes down to how many pieces of information that your brain is able to handle at one time.

This increased memory capacity and retention generally correlates with higher IQ, so the more data that you’re able to store and recall short term, the smarter and more innovative you are.

You Get Lost In Whatever You’re Doing – You lose complete control of time and space with a sober mind. This is what the experts refer to as “flow,” which is associated with creativity. So if you’re capable of focusing and concentrating at extremely high levels, then you should be experiencing intrusive thoughts.

What’s important is that you need to find tasks or projects which are meaningful and of interest to you, as it’s thought that highly creative people will always find a way to follow their passions, whether during their leisure time or at work.

Are You A Morning Person Or A Night Owl – Research has shown that those when in their adolescence years, who prefers to work or stay up late at night are associated with increased levels of sensation seeking, and having more of an interest in extremely complex or unusual ideas.

Once they develop into adults, they’ll usually begin displaying flashes of brilliance and creativity. So if you enjoy working or staying up late into the night, then you most likely have higher creative potential.


Are You An Original Thinker – It’s found that there’s a direct link, a correlation between individuals being unable to suppress irrelevant or odd ideas, and having creative potential.

This makes sense since someone being creative requires original abstract ideas out of the box. What needs to be discerned, however, is which one of these unusual thoughts have any potential to be relevant, or of interest to others.

That’s when these thoughts can become innovative. So treasure and keep notes on all of your unusual ideas since some of them may eventually develop into creative insights.

On the other hand, if your mind is stagnant and rarely has these funky abstract or weirdly unusual ideas filtering through your head, then you may be lacking the raw skills and the material makeup which contributes to innovative thinking.

You Don’t Like To Be Normal – It’s found that those who are constantly and passionately opposed to authority, while continuously questioning the status-quo are generally predisposed to innovation.

The reason being that they have a bigger incentive of doing things differently. But if you’re easily satisfied with how things are, while never bother doing things differently, or raising questions, then you’re most likely not innovative.

What conformity inhibits is creativity, while nonconformity will always promote it. If you need to moderate yourself from going against the grain, by doing things differently, then it can become counterproductive, which isn’t considered innovative at all.

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