The Biggest Blunder To Error In Business Is To Hesitate

never hesitateHesitation, this when it comes to your business efforts, can mean the difference between making a sale or walking away empty handed. Consider when you procrastinate, think of the opportunities that are passing you by, slipping out of your hands.

Timing is everything. You should hate to be late. It’s proven the early bird gets the worm. Hesitation is watching the world flash by. It can mean making money today or struggling another day. Success depends on how fast you process information, to take action.

Your response time can be …

Ways Of Better Productivity By Effectively Using Technology

how you can reduce your workloadMost experts believe that the eternal swing of the pendulum of life has now swung too far in one direction, which results in increasing productivity, but this at the expense of distorting the delicate work/life balance. There are fortunately effective strategies of placing this balance back into synch.

It’s thought that the arc has now swung too far in the direction which affects one’s actual output. This as the typical full-time worker in North America now works around 47 weeks per year on average.

Compare this to the approximate 40 …