Relaxing Is The Key When You’re Wanting To Get More Work Done

getting more done by relaxingAlmost everyone tells you that we need to work harder to get ahead. That we need to plow our heads down and grind, use sweat equity. We hear of instances in some cultures where they work themselves to exhaustion, to their ultimate demise, never enjoying what life has to offer.

For those who have become successful, those who have crossed the barrier from working for a living to becoming financially independent, these the CEO’s, the entrepreneurs, the athletes, all share in common is drive, motivation.

These successful independent individuals appear …

To Succeed Why We Are Better Off Doing Absolutely Nothing

why just doing nothing can be beneficialWhen it comes to our existence, our daily survival, it comes down to us doing three distinct activities for our survival. These 3 actions include: “doing” something, “thinking” about something, or we’re doing absolutely “nothing.”

The first mode of action is that we’re always “doing” something on a daily basis, this could be doing our jobs, doing our daily chores, doing hobbies, etc. The second mode is that we’re always “thinking” when we’re doing these activities, which includes anything that occupies our mind and time.

The third mode of action …