Why People Buy Begins With Influencing Them To Take Action

So how do you get your prospects to take action. It comes down to persuasion. Think of the traditional door-to-door salesman selling vacuum cleaners, life insurance, or magazine subscriptions. They knew the triggers on why people buy. The knew the exact psychological buttons to push.

This isn’t about aggressive strong arm tactics, or being manipulative. It’s more about using common sense, such as never approaching someone regarding an important decision, when they’re angry. Every wife knows how to soothe their husband into a better mood, before requesting what they want.…

The Need To Know Exact Buyer Intent To Write Winning Content

What’s realized is that knowing what motivates a core buying audience, is the most difficult task when writing sales content. What many know is their target demographic and yet, it remains difficult to constantly create copy which influences them enough to buy. Ultimately, without a loyal audience, there’s no reason to write.

It becomes difficult to produce content for blogs, where the intent is purely profit driven. In most cases, the copy needs a concise understanding of the product, what its benefits and flaws are, and how to present the …

Getting More Sales By Correcting Consumer Buying Behavior

how to overcome the fear of buying in a bad economyThe anxiety of any buyer, especially when it comes to high ticket or luxury items is remorse, turning into uncertainty and fear. This based on whether they’re making the right decision, if they’re paying too much, or if they deserve or can afford it.

So it’s your job as a marketer, or sales personnel, to convince the buyer to get them interested enough in what you’re offering, this by eliminating as many objectives as possible, to open the path to ownership.

Under any market condition, whether it’s in recessionary times …