How You React When First Meeting Someone Reveals Your Personality

We all get butterflies in the pit of our stomach, feel a bit queasy, get a bit nervous when meeting someone new for the first time. This could be a business meeting, social event, or a romantic date. When we get anxious, our subconscious mind takes over, which reveals what our true personality is.

From the moment, the instance that two people meet, what we’ll do is instinctively analyze each other, size each other up, this before a word is ever spoken. What we’ll do is look for visual signs, …

How The First 5 Minutes Instantly Reveals Your Personality

first five minutes meeting someoneSo there you are, you’re nervous as heck, as if you’ve never done this before, you’re meeting someone for the first time. Whether it be a romantic date or a business meeting, your initial reaction, usually subconsciously, reveals what your true personality is.

From the exact moment that two people meet, what they do is immediately and instinctively size each other up, this before a word is ever spoken. What we do is look for signs, clues, for qualities such as intelligence, honesty, altruism, or how aloof they appear.

This …

First Impressions Are Often Cured By A Second Look Syndrome

whygoodfirstimpressionscountWe know that body language is the first indicator on making a good first impression, so those who are aware of this will use impression management techniques appropriately. What they know are the cues, the signals to give off during that first initial meet.

So whether it’s a business meeting, social gathering, a blind date, or a family function, by how you enter the room and navigate the setting, you’re able to control whether the rest of the encounter, the engagement goes well for you or not.

Those in the …

Don’t Come Across As A Fake By Making A Good First Impression

why you should put your best face forwardWe’re all face clowns, we all put our best face forward to impress others, set a trap of sorts on who we really are. We exaggerate by bringing our best act to the forefront, to try to be smart and witty as a conversationalist, this just so that others will like us, or we need to make a good strong impression.

The art of making a good first impression is a management technique which is extremely important, this when it comes to the development along with the upkeep and maintenance …