For All Those Who Think That Life Has Been Unfair To Them

make the best of your lifeWhy is it that some seem to have all the luck. The great genetics pool, with their beautiful picture perfect porcelain features, or their chiseled handsome physiques. They’re born into an environment of success, their parents are rich, enlightened, and are completely aware of the world around them.

Thus, these individuals themselves grow up well adjusted, highly charged with emotional intelligence, as well as being properly balanced both mentally and physically. They’re extremely liked and respected by their teachers and peers.

They’re popular, they attract dates like flies who are …

Why Are All Those Successful People In Life So Darn Lucky

getting lucky in businessWe know that some are luckier than others, they appear to get all the breaks. But does luck really exist. Do you consider yourself to be lucky. Luck as an element has been studied extensively, and some claim that they’ve solved how you can improve your own luck.

To some, luck is a myth, that only a few have in spades, that just certain people are blessed with it. They think these people must be lucky because they’re certainly not smart enough. That their success is a byproduct of luck …