Common Foods To Avoid If You Want A Good Nights Sleep

reasons why you can't fall asleepSo you’ve finally made it home, bushed after a long day of work, you just want to plunk yourself down and relax before going to bed. You also feel a bit peckish as you sit on the sofa, in front of the TV, and you’re wanting to feed yourself a bit during the later evening hours.

What you decide to reach for may make you full, but the type of food you choose poses the danger of unwanted weight gain, acid reflux, tissue damage, and more importantly will mess with …

The Wide Awake Reasons Why You Need Proper Restorative Sleep

getting deep restorative sleepGetting a good nights sleep is always on the top of the wishlist for those who are tired or aging. Adequate peaceful sleep also happens to be the biggest factor when it comes to maintaining a sound brain and better health. The best type of quality sleep is restorative sleep.

To get peak performance optimal brain function on a daily basis, what our mind needs is a specific number of hours of deep quality sleep which restores the body, this to perform maintenance along with optimizing our neural connectivity networks.…

The Relationship Between Human Growth Hormone And Deep Sleep

whats important is getting deep sleepThis is not about the promotion of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) as a supplementary source, but about the natural chemical that’s produced by the human body, and how it’s production slows down as one ages.

It’s found that there’s a definitive link between poor sleeping patterns and the body’s ability to be able to produce HGH. Human Growth Hormone is a natural substance which is manufactured by the human body in abundance especially when one is young, this particularly at night during deep sleep.

This is the same quality of …