The Arrogance Among Us Why Some Come Across As Superior

someone coming across as smugSome just come across as being smug, but are they really any better, the consensus being that they’re not. It’s the condescending attitude, the air of arrogance that’s being projected, thinking that they’re simply better.

The reason its found is that they’re usually masking low self-esteem issues. There’s no exact definition on why some will act this way, while the superiority they project doesn’t make them that likeable. Only they know the reasons why they display this behavior, that what they feel is entitlement.

That they think they’re just better …

The Essential Core Vegetables And Their Nutritional Values

variety of vegetablesThere’s an on going debate within the produce community, between the nutritionists, the food scientists, and the farmers who continue to argue the elements of what constitutes a vegetable, while all agree on their value.

Strictly speaking, by definition, a vegetable is classified as any part of a herbaceous plant that’s eaten by humans as a food source. So lettuce, for instance, would be a vegetable, as would asparagus, carrots, and garlic would. Others would include peas and beans, peppers, squash, etc.

There’s also the classic debate about tomatoes, whether …