The 7 Levels Of Soul Development In The Circle Of Life

This isn’t based on how old you are in human years, when or where you were born, or if you are the oldest or youngest sibling. It’s more about what stage your universal soul is currently at. A measurement, a destination where many want to reach is being an old soul, a level of transcendence.

This follows the same basic life stage, that any organism would go through during its lifespan. An organism which begins life as an infant, and then progresses itself into the various stages of youth towards …

What Is The Purpose And Existence Of My Life Tell Me Who Am I

when you wonder who I amSo there you are, pondering in your sober stupor, what is the purpose and existence of my life, or any life for that matter. Is there really a Higher Power, such as a God, and if so, why are there so many.

What on Earth are we doing here at this exact period of time on this planet, at this location we live in, during this era in history. Among all these life questions that you wonder, the most poignant always seems to be,”Who Am I?”

Eventually at some …