How Crypto Currency Featuring Bitcoin Is Transforming Finance

Every few decades or so, there’s a brand new ground breaking technology that evolves. Over a century ago, it was the automobile, and more recently the personal computer, and its evil step child the Internet. They seem to suddenly appear out of nowhere, the public remaining skeptical.

But know that the planning of any new technology isn’t suddenly new. There’s usually decades of research, that’s gone into the invention. The concept is then developed, and introduced to the public. For our generation, it’s been the personal computer, mobile technology, the …

Bitcoin’s Vision To Provide A Worldwide Decentralized Internet Currency

Has the time finally arrived for this, a worldwide decentralized digital currency which eliminates the middleman, thus not having to pay any transaction fees, while it manages to keep its users completely anonymous and secure from breach.

Overview Of Bitcoin

Imagine if you walked into your local diner and ordered a sandwich and soup. You hand over a few dollar bills to pay for the meal. You are then asked by the cashier in order to complete the transaction, you’ll also need to provide your full name, your billing address, …