Knowing The Social And Psychological Effects Of Facebook

someonewhoisusingFacebookSocial networking sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter as a communication method has become extremely popular over the past several years. They were developed as a medium for individuals who wanted to take the Internet back to the masses as a “peer-to-peer” networking tool, rather than it becoming too commercialized.

What individuals wanted was an effective and efficient way of keeping in close touch with their friends and family, while relying on the unbiased opinions of their online “friends” on related like minded topics.

When social media went …

So You’re Starting A Social Media Campaign For Your Small Business

Small Business Social-MediaDoing that Social Media marketing thing for your small business the proper way requires just a few skills which you already most likely have or use. Basic technical skills to be able to process information and the marketing skills to be able to promote and execute.

When using Facebook for example, you may need to develop some type of custom app as well as tabs to be able to “brand’ your Facebook page along with supporting your marketing message.

Managing social media for your small business can at times be …

Why People Don’t Care About Your Social Media Presence

dont be a social media outcastSimilar to any other online marketing method or channel, the same focused initiative towards Social Media Marketing should also be laser focused as well as goal oriented. If you continuously dedicate too much time and effort while providing too little value, or have set unrealistic goals for yourself, that can quickly turn your social media marketing strategy towards a void which will become completely useless and a waste of time.

So here are several ways on which you can avoid spending pointless effort and time on your social media marketing …