How Digital Has Consumed Us To The Point Of Addiction

In this modern technological world we now live in, reality is turning everything towards virtual. The end result is it’s transforming how we think and act. Just a few decades ago, all we had was television, radio, and print media to keep us informed or entertained.

We had to stroll down to the local library, to access books and encyclopedias to learn something. Then the marvel that is the Internet suddenly appeared.

A technology transformation where any type of information you’ve ever needed, has now become instantly available with a …

Why Your Business Needs To Start Engaging In Social Media

trying to figure out social mediaSo you’ve finally decided to give in to what social media marketing has to offer for your business or concern. To take the steps to forge a path, as you’ve decided to launch a plan of attack by making the force which is social media marketing work for you.

You’ve decided to follow the process and are now expecting positive results, that social networking will prove to be an effective marketing movement for your organization, which will drive brand awareness to the forefront, resulting in increased revenue.

You’re also wondering …

Caution Beware Of The Social Media Traps That You Can Avoid

someone who's shocked about your social media presenceIt’s a pretty well known fact that you need to critically monitor your virtual footsteps whenever you post anything online, especially on social media.

Usually at the most inopportune of times, things or issues which you may not want revealed about yourself can go quickly viral.

This information can then get into the wrong hands, read by the wrong eyes. It can appear in the view of others who you don’t want to be discovered by.

Also, if they really need to, they can find this information by performing a …

How To Stand Out And Be Noticed When Using Social Media

getting someones attention using social mediaYes, there was a time when there was life before this phenom known as Social Media ever existed. Back then, if you ever needed to reach out to someone for one reason or another, there were just a few reliable methods to do so, this by either telephone, meeting them in person, email or writing them.

There was also a lot of work involved as you first needed to locate their phone number, or mine their email or business address. Now you can just simply reach out and find anyone …

How Facebook And Social Media Acts As The Consumers Watchdog

how social_media is influencing consumer brandsHowever you get your information, whether it be reading the news on print media, watching television or surfing the Internet, there’s absolutely no doubt that Social Media is now an important and prominent sounding board for consumers.

Social media has now virtually become a trusted watchdog for these individuals, the citizens of the Web, as a reliable and unbiased resource for truth in advertising, and Facebook is leading this charge.

One of the most popular actions that you can perform on Facebook is clicking the “Like” tab. By performing this …