A Letter Written From A Hopeful Young Man To His Future Girlfriend

You – I value my personal space, so please don’t take away the time spent with my guy friends, my car or my motorcycle, my alone time, all the things that brought me peace before meeting you. Please don’t change my love for sports, goofiness, or anything else that makes me comfortable. Issues you may have resistance towards.

Don’t expect me to act a certain way, around you. Don’t hold my words against me, I’m just rambling. Accept me for me being me, all the defects and shortcomings. Understand the …

Is Falling In Love A Chemical Reaction Or A Scientific Event

know the signs when you're falling in loveThose who claim they’re in Love, they falling aimlessly into a bottomless pit of goodness, their senses tingling, their hearts a flutter, what are they feeling.

What or which of the natural body chemicals are flooding their brains which being in love, or extreme like, offers over being neutral or completely turned off by someone.

Why does just the thought of that person begin to race your pulse, why do you think of that person, why do they influence everything that you do.

The time of year such as …