Making Your Dreams Come True With Visualization And Gratitude

What’s known is that you form your character, you develop your personality by what you do and how you act and react, when you’re alone and there’s no one watching.

It’s been said that we have three faces when it comes to who we are. The first being our public everyday face, the one we show to the world. Then there’s our friendly face that we show to our friends and family, and the third a private personal face that no one ever sees.

There are certain parts of our …

Practical Ways To Live Your Life With Gratitude And Compassion

It’s all about gaining the perspective of practicing gratitude, which is a proven pathway to inner peace. What this conforms to is the Universal Law of Increase, which means whatever you decide to focus your energy on, has no other choice than to increase in your life, all which begins with gratitude.

Like most, you’re someone who gets up in the morning, determined and ready to have a great day. Then before you know it, without any reason at all, you find yourself becoming overwhelmed and stressed out. You feel …

Why Always Showing Your Gratitude May Not Be A Good Thing

showing too much gratitudeSome will display their gratitude just to feed their ego, for their own self interests. They’ll go out of their way, only when they know that others are watching, extending their goodwill or compassion out to them, to those who may be weaker or less fortunate.

They’ll display their empathetic side proving that they really do care. But when one displays genuine gratitude, what they’re doing is enhancing their own well-being, becoming healthier mentally, while elevating their relationships and status.

When genuine gratitude is displayed, what’s offered is their hand …