Ways To Effectively Localize Your Website Using Google Plus

using google for your small businessAlthough Google+ may currently be a bit lagging behind Facebook when it comes to the most popular of social media sites on the Web, but once you consider all of the various social networks, it’s certainly becoming important enough for you not to ignore it.

This especially if you have a website while also operating a local business or service which needs to get more exposure in your immediate local neighborhood or city.

Once you establish a profile on Google+ Plus, doing so will not only help you in branding …

How To Set Up Your Google+ Plus Brand Page For Businesses

GooglePlusbrandingyourbusinessGoogle liking you can be important to your businesses health on the Internet. The search engine has gained exponential prominence, popularity and importance, so much so that the actual word itself is now a verb. The majority who are on the Internet will routinely use Google to search and discover quick and accurate information about products, people, facts and businesses.

If you’ve been living under your desk lately, Google+ Plus is the search engines new social networking service which exceeds everything else they’ve done. Now you’re able to create your …

How Google+ Plus Impacts Business Marketers And Branding

google plus-for enterpriseRecently, Google+ raced towards attracting over 20+ million new members to their new social network, but still, depending on opinion, some will claim whether Google Plus will be a success, or another effort of epic failure. The majority however, may just be looking at Google’s latest social networking effort from the wrong point of view.

Everyone is now aware and writing or talking about circles, hangouts, the privacy issues and whether people will eventually switch over from Facebook to Google+, or use both, which is the most likeliest.

But what …

Google+ Plus With Circle Sharing – The Good The Bad And The Invites

googleplussocialnetworkingGoogle in it’s quest for online domination is taking another swing at social media by introducing their Google+ social networking service. Is this the final answer in their hopes and their never ending journey to compete with Facebook. It’s a new and unique innovative users platform which takes a different approach towards social media. This by allowing you to control how you decide to ‘share’ with others.

Those who were confused or even completely turned off by their previous attempts by Google when it came to social networking, such as …