Using Your Emotional Intelligence Under Social Situations

someone whos always lateWhat a fine tuned high emotional intelligence has is the ability to immediately understand, acknowledge, and display feelings in real time, empathize with others, while regulating yourself so you won’t act impulsively.

When having a high emotional intelligence or EQ, you have the tact to delay your own personal gratification, as doing so will provide you long term gain. As a result, most prefer this type of intelligence over the traditional academic based forms such as IQ, what we’re taught in school.

Emotional Intelligence has important connections to situations which …

How Developing High Emotional Intelligence Can Help Your Life

how emotional intelligence can help youEmotional intelligence is the real-time management and judgment of your immediate feelings, emotions, and moods, that you use on others along with yourself on a daily basis. Your reactions on how you make decisions while navigating through your life, and more importantly your career.

There’s now more focus that’s placed on emotional intelligence and how it translates into the context of the working world. If there’s ever a time to use your emotional intelligence, it’s during your work performance appraisal.

For most, what these job appraisals triggers are a series …

Know That IQ Isn’t Always The Best Intelligence Measurement

woman who is thinking about intelligenceOne would usually correlate the intelligence of someone to the testing measurement which is known as Intelligence Quotient, or IQ. This whenever we discuss how brainy we consider someone to be.

Ones intelligence, the quick definition would be how fast or efficient that someone is able to mentally or physically solve a problem, correctly. What intelligence involves is the process of thinking, one’s thought being able to analyze through in its entirety, and be accurate about it. To never generalize.

Intelligence also includes the ability to be able to reason, …

Are You Boring How Emotionally Empty Are You? Read And Find Out Here!

howisyouremotionalintelligenceThere’s an obsession within our society with being as physically fit and healthy as possible. So we’re constantly scouring the Internet, reading all the magazines and buying all the books for the latest and greatest diets and health products, along with the best exercise programs.

We then work feverishly to sculpt out and tailor the best possible body that we can get as we obsess with the seemingly futile attempts of attempting to mirror those chiseled physiques which are plastered on all of the latest Health magazine covers.

But how …