9 Facts About Managing Cholesterol

Being aware and understanding heart health, becomes extremely important once growing older. A key component of it is controlling cholesterol, as it’s known to be one of its primary building blocks.

Monitoring cholesterol, becomes a vital function that one needs to maintain, along with a good diet. Vices such as smoking or excess drinking, along with genetics all contributes to the state of ones heart.

What too much of this fatty substance does, is develops blockages in the blood vessel walls, which increases the risk of heart disease such as …

Natural Foods To Reduce Bad Cholesterol Without Medication

Reducing-CholesterolOne residue of a hectic lifestyle is the increasing levels of cholesterol in our bloodstream, which then becomes a burden and a battle to reduce. The current medication that’s prescribed to reduce this bad cholesterol are known to have certain side effects, such as muscle cramps, brain cramps, and fatigue.

Cholesterol is similar to a wax like substance which is found in the cell membranes of the tissues, carried by blood plasma. Cholesterol is a sterol, a combination of a steroid and alcohol, also known as atherosclerotic plaque.

The body …

Recommended Natural Foods Which Lowers Cholesterol Levels

natural foods which lower cholesterolWe all come to that point in our lives when we want to maintain better control of our cholesterol, this since it’s an important essential of remaining healthy. High cholesterol has become an epidemic in this nation which is brought on by poor eating habits, combined with stress and anxiety.

What happens is that fatty deposits accumulates and then clings on to the arteries and blood vessels inside the body. It then restricts the proper flow and movement of the blood, resulting in high blood pressure.

If this is not …

Some Great Natural Ways You Can Reduce Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a wax-like substance that is present in the cell membranes of body tissues and is carried in the blood plasma. It is a sterol; a combination of alcohol and steroid and is also called atherosclerotic plaque. The body requires cholesterol in order to form and sustain cell membranes, help with the production of bile and aid the metabolism of fat soluble vitamins.

Over time, cholesterol builds up on the artery walls and this condition is known as atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis was thought to be an affliction of the elderly …