The 5 Personalities Of Alpha Males And How They React

It’s the females prerogative to select the biggest, brightest, the smartest from a crowd of men, and is done so on instinct. They’re naturally drawn to the best selection of male that’s available to them at that time. So the runts of the litter are sent to the back of the line.

As with anything else in nature, and the human species is no different, this is the first tendency when it comes to the selection process. When it comes to finding potential mates.

It’s determined by a subconscious physiological …

Is The Classic Alpha Male Profile More Successful In Life

what is an alpha maleWhat the media portrays is the classic alpha male. Be big or go home, the king of the world, leader of the pack. Popular culture dictates that alpha males are on the top of the human food chain, and you should strive to be one yourself.

This alpha persona also extends to the animal kingdom as well. It’s known that dogs can definitely sense an alpha leader, while most animals will treat each other as equals. Humans are infinitely more complex in nature when belonging to their various social circles, …