6 Brain Activities To Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is known to affect one in every 10 adults, who are 65 or older. Despite how common it is, scientists are yet to discover its true causes, once it spreads and damages the connections between the brain cells. This leads to symptoms such as loss of memory, confusion, and difficulty recognizing family and friends.

What research has discovered however, is that maintaining an active brain, does is increases vitality, which builds up brain cell reserves and connections. So keeping the brain active, may generate and restore new brain …

The Best Foods Which Can Prevent Or Slow Down Alzheimer’s

why fresh fish is good for the brainAlzheimer’s disease, which is usually associated with old age, is an illness that’s known to be progressive in nature, as it can destroy one’s memory along with other important mental functionality.

Another well known and common brain disorder, dementia, is associated with the loss of intellectual and certain social skills. These changes can be and are severe enough to interfere with one’s daily ability to live a normal life.

When it comes to these diseases, the direct connections between the brain cells themselves usually begins to degenerate or diminish, which …