The Reasons Why Most Business Professionals Lack Self-Esteem

It’s all about a balanced life. Successful professionals spend so much time on their careers, there’s little time in their lives for personal improvement, which plummets their self-esteem. All work and no play makes for a boring person. Gradually, this begins to affect their performance at their job or business.

Studies show the majority of the population, suffers from varying degrees of low self-esteem. Many think these challenges, are only characteristics of the uneducated, the poor, or those from a lower socio-economic class. It’s found that a large portion, are …

Know The Difference Between A Workaholic And A High Performer

those who work too hardObservers looking from the outside in, once they see a high performance individual, assumes that they’re workaholics. What many don’t realize is that high performers and workaholics have nothing in common.

The biggest difference isn’t the number of hours that each puts in on a daily basis, but it’s more on how they regard their work. What they do and who they are. There are distinct differences on their attitudes as well as their output, as high performers are much more self driven and results orientated.

High performers, high achievers …

For All You Over Achievers Signs That You’re Working Too Hard

not working as hardThis is your life, you have numerous projects on the go with deadlines rapidly closing in. It’s your contribution, your input that’s needed, and if you don’t oblige, then things will come to a crashing halt, this if you fail to deliver and not fulfill your duties.

You work these long massive hours, you don’t bother to delegate any of the tasks to others, or ask for time extensions. What you’re proud of however is that you’re always able to get the work completed. But as a result, you hardly …