11 Vital Minerals The Human Body Needs For Survival

When you think of precious minerals, you think of gold and silver. But when your health is concerned, there are other more precious ones such as calcium and iron, which are far more important. Each of these dietary minerals are unique, and they carry out their own distinct life preserving task.

Researchers have divided these nutrients into two groups: major and trace minerals. The difference being how much of the mineral the body contains.

The major minerals are identified as such since there’s more of them in the body.

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Know How Certain Precious Minerals Gives Your Health A Boost

valuable minerals and proteinWhen one thinks of precious minerals, many will think of gold and silver. But when it comes to our body and its state of health, there are far more important ones, such as iron and calcium. They are far more valuable, as these dietary minerals carries out vital tasks.

What food science experts, health practitioners, and dietitians did was divide these life extending nutrients into two distinct groups, major and trace minerals. This based on their usable dependence, on how much of the actual mineral is found in the body.…