The Attack Of Free-Radicals And How They Damage Your Health


Your body is a living biological organism. And similar to any other living animal, mammal, or plant, reacts in a similar way. The living organs, cells, and fluids all work in unison like a unit, and if one part of the it fails to function, the body then becomes ill and diseased.

Your body is similar to a well-functioning sports team. The playing surface is your body, the free-radicals which are constantly invading it are trying to shorten your lifespan, attempting to defeat you by taking away home field advantage …

Feeding On The Super Antioxidant Foods For Better Nutrition

antioxidant value of grapesWhat needs to be clarified is the role of antioxidants, and why and how they are beneficial for us. Antioxidants are explained as natural substances which can stop or at the very least, limit the damage of free radicals which wreaks havoc on our organs.

So their basic duty is to first stabilize these free radicals in the attempts to eliminate them. What they also do is prevent further damage to our cells, this by faithfully protecting and at times even reversing the damage which was caused by oxidation.

What’s …

How Antioxidants Keeps Our Body Protected From Free Radicals

why we need antioxidantsWhat we are constantly told for the sake of our health is that antioxidants are vitally important to us, that we should be absorbing them in abundance. To eat the foods, sip the teas, and drink the smoothies which contain antioxidants. These foods of nature which are beneficial are referred to as super powered molecules.

But it’s found that the majority of us still have no idea what these antioxidants actually are, or how they react, what they do for us, what value they provide for the better health of …