The Art Of Speculation How Oil Prices Affect Currency Prices

how the price of oil influences currencyThis for those who trade or speculate in the movement of currency in the financial markets, specifically Forex trading. Why you should be tracking the fluctuations of a certain commodity which appears completely unrelated. The following are the reasons to track the price swings of the global oil market.

If you’re a Forex trader, there’s an extremely strong argument why you should be. The reason being the link between the most important currency trading pairs in the world will predictably rise and fall based on the price of oil.

Oil …

The Most Common Mistakes That Novice Forex Traders Make

a new trader who is losing his forex tradesAlmost anything that you do in life is based on mistakes, trial and error, the less that you make the better. So when it comes to home based speculative traders, such as in the Forex market, they’re no exception, as there are common mistakes that they all eventually make.

These mistakes generally fall under the psychological aspects of trading rather than the technical trading issues, more often than not. But what’s more important than making these mistakes is knowing what they are, and then hopefully, you’ll be able to …